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The Solar System, FULL Version

:bulletred:Edit : Thank you to Sylvafilms for this very very cool video who shows the solar system (YouTube) : [link]
:bulletred: Direct Download - HQ Video (Megaupload) : [link]

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:bulletyellow: Bonus : :bulletyellow:
¤ No Text version : [link]
¤ Direct Full View : [link]
¤ WallPapers : [link]
¤Text Readable : Soon...

:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: Unfortunately I can't show you the full version here, because it is too large, and deviantart accept only the creation which are not more than 18 000 pixels wide. :(
But vou can download the .rar to view in high definition (30 000px ! :)) :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen:


After long workdays, i'm back...
Ok, so this is the second version (and final version) of The Solar System, with a few more explanations…

But first, why a second version?
If you look carefully at the first, you can easily see - like many of you have noticed - Neptune and Pluto are missing.

But why not be integrated directly Neptune and Pluto on the first version?
The first version was only to show you how i made this background for my portfolio and there was no space left to put Neptune and Pluto on this project.
And to be honest, i didn't except such a success

That's why i needed to make a new version with Neptune and Pluto, with more details: like moons, galaxies, and some other stuffs - i wasn't able to put all the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus because i needed more space (Actually there are 63 moons of Jupiter, 61 for Saturn, and 27 for Uranus), I've drawn the moons with a relatively large diameter - and as you can see, this version is twice bigger as the first one (30000 pixel)

Anyway, when I read your comments on the previous version, I had some back problems that I tried to correct it.
I tried to respect the maximum size of planets and their distances of separation, that is why creation is so large (sorry for small screens);
And indeed, below you can see the distance between each planet in Astronomical unit.

Obviously, the sun is not the right size because I wanted to see it entirely, and not cutted in the middle as in most solar systems that you've probably already seen; (if the sun had been in a Good size, he would have been approximately 10 000 pixels in the image :onfire:)...

I also cut the image into several parts to make wallpapers for those interested. Everything is in the pack. And you'll notice: All texts have been translated in English

Et voila ! I hope you will like this new version, and thanks for your comment ;)

Older version: [link]

* * * *
:bulletblack:Edit² : Now, you can have a wallpaper for each version you want : [link]
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DeviantArt превосходная работа

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Don't you just love waking up with the sun so close to earth?
Any idea why I can not download it?
I was wondering the same thing 
Any link to the readable version?
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Wait; no enceladus? 
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Hey, could you re-upload the non-text version somewhere? Or maybe include it in the archive on DA? Thx!
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So beautifully done omg *v*
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One of my dreams is to explore the cosmos. The sheer majesty of it is something I must see in person. ;_;
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The detail and beauty of this image is stunning. I can tell you put a lot of work into it, and it came out great!
beautiful . But it seem a bit wierd that the sun is MUCH smaller than Jupiter. Thats look like jupiter is the sun
What's Discovery II?
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I'm in love with this! Gives a certain impression about the size of the Solar system! :)
can u put a link for 3840x1080 pixel cos I used dual monitor thanx
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PLEASE tell us this will be a full interactive simulation/ program!!!
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Can I just, use this as a border for my bathroom? Which is solar system based.
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You used the Asteroid Belt that is between Mars and Jupiter, and you used Pluto, but since Pluto is apart of the gigantic Kuiper Belt why not use that instead?
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This is mind-blowing. Bravo. I can only pick up my jaw from the floor and applaud this tremendous accomplishment.
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