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Android 17 VS Iron Man Fanmade Death Battle
This fight was made purely for fun. No research was done. Sorry.

(The scene starts with Android 17 destroying some poachers, forcing them to retreat. Goten and Kid Trunks are watching.)
Android 17: Phew. Well, I hope you’ve learned how to defend this place. Think you two can handle this?
Kid Trunks: Hell yeah! We can kick their asses anytime!
Goten: Yeah! Don’t worry, we’ll be fine!
(Meanwhile, Iron Man flies over the island. He analyzes Android 17 and realizes he’s the one he’s been looking for.)
Iron Man: JARVIS, any plans for attack? Seems like he’s taken some kids.
JARVIS: Sir, I advise a peaceful solution. This island seems to be home to several wildlife, including those children. It would be best to at least talk to this Android.
(Iron Man slowly flies down near Android 17 is standing. Goten points at him.)
Goten: Whoa! What is that?!
(Kid Trunks and Android 17 stare at Iron Man as he lands near Android 17.)
Iron Man: Excuse me, I’m gonna need you to stop right there. I’m pretty sure that you have no chance of winning against me.
Kid Trunks: Hey! Who the hell are you supposed to be?! You’ve got some nerve saying that!
(Android 17 gives an intrigued smirk)
Android 17: Trunks, let me handle this. This may be fun.
Kid Trunks: But-!
(Android 17 gives off a menacing glare to Kid Trunks, prompting him to fall silent.)
Android 17: Well, tin can, I’m listening. What have you got for me?
Iron Man: Here’s what I got, you’re responsible for murder, killing many innocents. Easy way or fun way, your pick.
(Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge suit powers up, glowing with energy.)
Android 17: I’ll take the fun way. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to play.
(Android 17 uses a Kiai, gusts of wind blowing against Iron Man. Goten and Kid Trunks look in awe.)
Kid Trunks: Kick his ass, 17!
JARVIS: Sir, I have noticed an increase in power.
Iron Man: Never stopped me before.
(The battle begins as Android 17 and Iron Man charge at each other, clashing with a flurry of blows, as gusts of wind burst with each strike.)
Android 17: Hmph. You’re not bad. I underestimated you.
Iron Man: You’re no pushover yourself.
(Android 17 dodges a few straight punches, before delivering a brutal punch to Iron Man’s gut, following up with a combination of flying punches and roundhouse kicks, before appearing behind Iron Man to choke him. Android 17 smirks.)
Android 17: Is that seriously your best?
(Iron Man chuckles, as he prepares to fire a repulsor blast to 17’s chest.)
Iron Man: Don’t count on it.
(Iron Man fires a repulsor blast into 17’s chest, knocking him away, before following up with two hooks and a meteor smash, sending 17 crashing to the ground. 17 gets up, groaning and holding his head in pain as he looks in surprise as Iron Man prepares to fire his shoulder missiles.)
Iron Man: JARVIS, fire shoulder missiles!
JARVIS: Already firing, sir.
(As Iron Man fires his shoulder missiles, 17 creates an Android Barrier around Iron Man to stop the shoulder missiles from hitting the island, before flying in to deliver a powerful Freedom Kick, going behind him to continue with a powerful punch combo, ending with a Smile Charge. Kid Trunks and Goten watch on with excitement.)
Kid Trunks: Finish him off, 17!
Goten: You can do it!!
(17 groans in anger, as he realizes that Goten and Kid Trunks have been watching the entire time.)
Android 17: Damn it, what the hell are you two doing?! You two should be watching the island!!
Iron Man: You should be watching your blind spot!!
Android 17: Huh??
(17 looks confused, only to reel and scream in pain, as Iron Man fires a Unibeam, which sends 17 flying far past the island and into the horizon, Iron Man quickly following. Kid Trunks gets mad and prepares to follow, only for Goten to hold Kid Trunks back.)
Goten: Don’t go Trunks! 17 told us to protect the island! And we can revive 17 if anything bad happens!
(Kid Trunks groans, before calming down. Meanwhile, Iron Man punches 17 hard, sending him flying, before 17 dodges one of them.)
Android 17: I’m not finished!
(17 successfully performs a Smile Charge on Iron Man, sending him flying to an uninhabited island, following up with a Power Strike, Iron Man hurtling to the island, before finishing the combo off with a Dead End Bullet. Iron Man reels in pain, his damaged suit showing a bloody Tony Stark. Android 17 flies down near Iron Man.)
Android 17: I gotta say, you’re very good. If you fought me years earlier, I might’ve lost. So, how about I end this game?
(Android 17 prepares to fire a green Ki Blast. Iron Man smiles, leaving Android 17 confused.)
Iron Man: End this game? I’m just getting started.
(Suddenly, a giant iron prison encases a surprised 17, as Iron Man’s suit repaired itself. Android 17 struggles to break through the prison.)
Iron Man: JARVIS, summon Veronica.
JARVIS: Right away, sir.
(Pieces of a giant armor surround Iron Man, forming the Hulkbuster armor. Android 17 breaks through the prison, only to look surprised at the Hulkbuster towering over him.)
Android 17: What the hell is that?!
Iron Man: I brought a new toy to use in this game. It’s very smashing!!!
(Hulkbuster punches 17 far away to a nearby mountain. Android 17 slowly gets up, groaning in pain.)
Android 17: Ow...can’t tell what hurt more, the pun or the punch.
(Android 17 sees Hulkbuster charging directly toward him, the ground shaking with each step.)
Android 17: I’m gonna take Option C and say definitely that.
(17 shoots a volley of Ki Blasts at Hulkbuster, all of them bouncing off of Hulkbuster. Hulkbuster grabs 17’s head, before charging forward with his thrusters, dragging 17 across the ground, smashing him through a mountain, before uppercutting him into the sky, 17 screaming in pain. An angry Android 17 fires a powered up Dead End Bullet.)
Android 17: You’re done for!!!!!
(Hulkbuster charges through the Dead End Bullet, before countering with a powerful point blank repulsor blast, sending 17 hurtling through the sky, before sending him crashing to the ground with a giant hammerfist. Android 17 tries to get up, only for Hulkbuster to land on him, keeping him down.)
Iron Man: So you ready to give up yet?
Android 17: You wish!!
(17 throws a punch at Hulkbuster, only for Hulkbuster to block it, surprising 17. Hulkbuster uses its left arm to repeatedly pummel 17 into the ground.)
Iron Man: Go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep.
(17 stops Hulkbuster’s fist, as he stands up looking furious, before spitting out some blood and a tooth. Iron Man looks scared.)
Iron Man: I’m sorry.
(Android 17 smirks.)
Android 17: Me too.
Iron Man: Really?
Android 17: No.
(Android 17 uses Arm Breaker to completely destroy Hulkbuster’s left arm, before shooting a Side Bridge that destroys Hulkbuster’s right arm. Hulkbuster flies back, shooting shoulder missiles and bombs, only for 17 to use his Android Barrier to block all of them, charging in to deliver a powerful Barrier Punch. Veronica sends in arm parts to repair Hulkbuster’s arms. Hulkbuster clashes with Android 17, only to deliver a powerful, repulsor-powered uppercut, which sends Android 17 flying into the sky, becoming a twinkle in the sky.)
Iron Man: He was good. But he was fighting against me, so this was most likely.
JARVIS: Sir, Veronica is approaching fast.
Iron Man: Wait, what?
(Suddenly, a giant flaming meteor approaches towards Iron Man. It’s Veronica, carried by a rage filled Android 17.)
Android 17: HEY ASSHOLE!!! IT’S MY TURN NOW!!!!
(As Veronica approaches Iron Man, Tony simply smirks.)
Iron Man: JARVIS, deploy the-
(Iron Man is interrupted by Android 17 crashing Veronica into him, creating a massive explosion that creates a massive crater in the island. An annoyed Android 17 slowly walks away.)
Android 17: Damn. Annoying bastard.
(Suddenly, a white liquid suddenly emerges from the debris, wrapping around Android 17 and binding him.)
Android 17: Damn it! What the hell is this?!
(Out of the flaming debris rises Iron Man, in his Endosym suit.)
Iron Man: My turn.
(Endosym rushes toward Android 17, assaulting him with a series of vicious attacks, with blows to every part of his body, before kicking him away, followed by him continuing to assault 17 with a rush of flying kicks, before kicking him down, dragging him across the entire island, before throwing him into the sky, firing every single weapon he had at the Android, intent on obliterating him completely, with several warheads, machine guns, proton cannons, and repulsor blasts, finishing off with a devastating Unibeam. Android 17 thankfully put up an Android Barrier, but it proved nearly futile, as Iron Man’s assault nearly decimated him. Only a fragment of his Barrier remained. He was being overwhelmed by Iron Man’s attack. It was possibly the end. Moments of life flashed by. His family, friends, animals. He’d die without any of them. But he was always defiant in the end.)
Android 17: Not like this!!! NOT LIKE THIS!!!!
(With a rebellious shout, he moved away from the massive assault at the last second before it pushed him into space. As his broken, beaten body pants heavily due to pain and exhaustion, he realizes one thing; he has to finish this. Meanwhile, Iron Man’s suit is recharging.)
Iron Man: How did you not figure out that this would drain my power?!
JARVIS: Well, sorry good chap.
Iron Man: I don’t get it, you’re a supercomputer! This isn’t supposed to happen!
(Iron Man’s radar picks up an enemy.)
JARVIS: Sir, enemy approaching from several meters.
Iron Man: Are you serious?! JARVIS, boost defense systems!
JARVIS: Defense systems are unavailable. Also, enemy has arrived.
Iron Man: Wait, what?!
(Android 17 delivers a surprise Freedom Kick to Iron Man’s face, knocking him down.)
Android 17: Y’know, you’re really tough. I got a bit sloppy thinking about the animals at the island. So it’s time I end this.
(Android 17 knocks Iron Man into the air, before rushing in to assault him from all angles with blinding speed, tearing apart his suit in the process, revealing a heavily damaged Tony Stark, with 17 using a Barrier Explosion to knock him into the sky, charging up a Power Blitz, before throwing it at Tony, disintegrating him completely. Android 17 looks surprised.)
Android 17: Ah, damn it. I should probably revive him with the Dragon Balls.
(Android 17 falls unconscious due to exhaustion, only for Android 18 to pick him up and carry him.)
Android 18: Geez, you really went all out. Let’s get you back home.
(Android 18 flies him back to the nature preserve, where he stays unconscious for two hours, before waking up, having been slightly healed.)
Android 17: Ugh….what happened?
Android 18: Well, you apparently killed a guy. So we kinda just gathered the Dragon Balls and revived him.
(Iron Man steps into 17’s point of view, showing his face. The room has an awkward feeling.)
Android 17: Uh…..Sorry about killing you and destroying all those suits you have.
Iron Man: Well, I was wrong in assuming you as a murderer. Although you two do bare a striking resemblance.
(This catches the two Androids’ attention.)
Android 17: Wait, so we have clones now? This sounds annoying.
Android 18: Well, where are they?
Iron Man: We don’t know. If we find him, I’ll give you a call, or whatever.
(Iron Man flies off.

(Android 17 is the winner of this fight.)

The End
Android 17 VS Iron Man Fanmade Death Battle
Android 17 VS Iron Man! Two mechanical saviors duel in a clash to the death! Who will win?! Find out here! Please note that this fight was made purely for fun. I just wanted it to be really cool. Sorry.



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So, I've been thinking of writing a Goku vs. Naruto battle. The rules would be that no assistance from other characters. The only problem is that I feel like the Internet would berate me for choosing a winner they didn't like. Should I do it or not? Poll's in the link and I'll stop collecting at 9/27/17


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