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My Bio
Hi there human!
I’m Lightning bolt Creator Guardian....
For shot we made it Lichtningbolt with a “C” to keep the creator part in there.
You can also call me Licht, light, bolt, guardian, etc (maybe come up with new creative variations).
I’m a 3D game artist in study on Sintlucas in Eindhoven.
So you can expect from me 2D and 3D art and animations!

I love to draw which means that I must have some characters on my own.
I do I even got self-created Universes!
Some of my self-created universes have AU at the ending...
In my OG Universes I placed AU at the ending to either make the difference from the word and or other same like worlds.
I mean if I say won’t think of the universe but of the word I made it Halloween AU and people now what I’m talking about.... same goes for most of them....
Amway let’s move on!
I begin with the characters that are made to walk in a universe that I didn’t created such as the Sonic universe. Sonic is owned by SEGA but fans of can make their own character also known as OC.
I will describe the fanbase and name the characters.

Fanbase: My little pony.
Characters: Fire blue, Rachel star, White rosa, Black spike, Silva moonheart, and Diamond bow.

Fanbase: Sonic world.
Characters: Freezer, Sparkle, Tina, Becky, Mileena, Hammie, (these six on the left are for sale). Ronin, Aurora, Anti Jade, Jadie and Elizabeth Kitty.
( I know a lot but some can be taken over by people who need a oc for this fan base
and some of them died!).

Fanbase: creepypasta/OG
Characters: Peacekeeper and Trap night.
(But they are also a dimension on their own).

Fanbase: Five nights at Freddy's.
Characters: All the characters shown in game but drawn and story made by me.

Now.... glad I don’t got that many fan OC, s.... pfiew!

Time for the stuff you all came for!
My universes that I made.
I call them dimensions form this point on because I’m the dimension guardian....eeeeeyyyyy
I need friends
Anyways, most of these dimensions are created due to either, school, friends, challenges and times I was bored. I’m a very creative person so my inspiration comes out of nowhere!
I also wish to make a game of some dimensions I created, because I want to take people into that fantasy and develop connections.

Dimension: The five magical elements.
Short: tfme
Main Characters: Poseida, Torch, Tierra, Poseida and cysgod.

Dimension: Halloween AU.
Short: none.
Main Characters: Shadowkin, Reaping shadow, Stitchy cat, Leslie, Seth the mummy, Maddy, etc.

Dimension: Neurotoxic.
Short: Nurro’s world.
Main Characters: Nurro Doxic, Ryouta Akiyama, Naomi Williams, Satoru Doxic, Luke Hale, Tasya Orlov, etc

Dimension: Unlaneive.
Short: none.
Main Characters: Lichtningbolt, Rachelle, Aron coldregon, Hatsu Senshi, Hiro senshi, Zarha Akil, Kokumo okoye, The creator of Life, The Creator of Death.

Dimension: KeystoneAU.
Short: Keystone.
Main Characters: Troy, Felix, Wiget, April, Eden, Leroy, Hailey, Caiden, Luna, Diego.

Dimension: The AU (doesn’t have a real name yet!)
Short: None
Main Characters: Nina, Nina’s fam, Lichtningbolt, etc.

Dimension: Doodle time! AU.
Short: Doodle time.
Main Characters: all my friends’ characters and all my characters.

Dimension: Special video AU.
Short: SP video’s.
Main Characters: all my friends’ characters and all my characters.

Dimension: Beacon Crafter AU.
Short: Beacon Crafter.
Main Characters: David Collings (Becon Crafter), Sam Hawkins, Mari Willis.

And then there is... Me! (lichtningbolt)

Greeting, I’m Lightning bolt Creator Guardian Dimension guard of all dimensions and creator to my own race! All the info you need is down here. More questions can only be answered if you get to know me.

Name: Lightning bolt Creator Guardian.
Short version: Lichtningbolt.
Nickname or short cuts: Licht, Creator, Lich, Bolt, guardian, LCG, Creator artist.
Date of birth: ???
Real age: 6765.
Human age: 12-20 mostly at the 19 or 20.
Gender: Both / none / Depends on the gender shape it’s in.
Height: Depends on the shape it’s in.
Weight: Depends on the shape it’s in.
Likes: calm places, drawing, creating, pranking others.
Dislikes: Hospital, Laboratory, betrayals / traitors, dimensions / Universes with to many rules to shut down its power.
Hobby: drawing.
Forms: Dark Light (Dark from), Fire Bolt (fire form), Rainbow creator (Rainbow power form), Lightning droid and Lightning shadow (android form with a lichtningbolt shadow), the warrior ( warrior mode), Angel modes (angel form), Demon modes (demon form), God /True form (???).
Shapes: Shapes are the appearance of the guardian in other dimensions. There are to many of them, but I can list a few memorable. Hedgehog / Sonic world, MLP, Cat, Fox, Human, Human Neurotoxic au, Inflaydion, etc
Home Dimensions: none, but sometimes it claims the TFME world as home, although it’s been a long period in the (The Au) universe.
Top 10 best quotes of LCG:
1. “Lichtningbolt Creator Guardian was to long so we made it Lichtningbolt with a C to keep the creator part in it!”
2. “I can’t, doesn’t exist”
3. “If the world breaks my number one rule, I will break their rules!”
4. “Everyone I care to much about, dies.”
5. “I’m just the light in the darkness and the darkness in light.”
6. “I might be the guardian, but I never said I was a good one!”
7. “I treat you the way you treat me.”
8. “I do not take orders!”
9. “Call my name out loud and I’ll be there.”
10. “Never give up and reach your goals!”

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
my little pony, sonic x,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Diary of a wimpy kid.
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Ilomilo, Viva pinatã, kinectimals,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests

Donation Pool

help me raise money to help my parents!

My parents made a huge dept for their 6 children. As Number 3 out of the 6 I would like to raise money so that I can help them pay back the dept! Could you help me achieve this goal?!

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UTAU CV cover Lucas

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Watchers! Lightning bolts full story in brief along with chatacter info.

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