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When All Seems Lost: Chapter One :iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 0
Baby Dragon Photobomb! by Lichlore Baby Dragon Photobomb! :iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 1
Turning Point: Chapter Two
Chapter Two:
Wanna Stay The Night?
The trip back to Rocket Town was met with little more then a cough or two from the pilot, neither of the two men dared to speak in fear of saying something that might, well make them come undone, not cause of sexual frustration, no, that had nothing to do with the silence that was growing thicker and thicker between them, it was simply the fact that the events from an hour ago were playing in both their minds, and neither of them knew what to make of it.
Every now and then Cid would glance over his shoulder at the man sitting behind him, almost as if he was making sure that he hadn't jumped out at some point, much to his relief he was still there, tightly clutching the collar of his cloak in an attempt to keep his pail skin hidden from the weather. Sighing to himself, knowing Vincent couldn't hear him, he began to let his mind drift back to the kiss, the mear thought of it made his lips burn and his body tingle from head to toe, he wanted to know if t
:iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 13
Turning Point: Chapter One
                                              Turning Point ~ Chapter One: Rescue Mission
The snow had been falling for days now, with no signs of letting up, it was starting to wear on the captain, he wanted back into the skies, he wanted to spread his wings, sort of speak, he just wanted back on his beloved ship and to say good-bye to Rocket Town for a few weeks, hell maybe even forever, either way, he wanted out, and he promised himself that he would find away.
It wasn't out of the ordinary for him to become jittery after a few months of being grounded, but this time around it was starting to drive him nuts, and he wanted a remedy for it, and wanted it now!
Almost as on qu, and as if it had been planed by the gods themselves, his phone let out a sharp 'WARK
:iconlichlore:Lichlore 1 0
Sulliven Keeper of The Dead by Lichlore Sulliven Keeper of The Dead :iconlichlore:Lichlore 2 3 The New Heros by Lichlore The New Heros :iconlichlore:Lichlore 5 3 STOP SOPA! by Lichlore STOP SOPA! :iconlichlore:Lichlore 3 0 Nixie of Orgrimmar by Lichlore Nixie of Orgrimmar :iconlichlore:Lichlore 2 3 The Love Poppy by Lichlore The Love Poppy :iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 11 Gar'jin and Ven'drin by Lichlore Gar'jin and Ven'drin :iconlichlore:Lichlore 2 14
Mature content
New Love :iconlichlore:Lichlore 4 2
Chromie by Lichlore Chromie :iconlichlore:Lichlore 5 9
To A Fallen Friend
Tumbling, falling, down like rain,
I know day I will see you again.
Twisting turning following through
you will never know how much I miss you.
Fluttering eyes, saddened lips
Knowing you gone, make the pain sting like whips.
Holding hope, calling your name
Seeing you in my name residing in my brain.
My dearest friend, a man so true,
know that in my heart I am missing you.
You life cut short, and dreams unseen,
Know that you here with me, and nothing can tear those seams.
I stand here wishing that your new life grows
I may not see you, but you being in heaven is something I know.
There are many here that miss you,
There are many here that will always love you.
Writen for my best friend here on DA. I pomised him that
I would write something for his friend.
I hope you like it Fan, and I hope that it makes sence to you,
and your friend.
We all love you young soul, may you find peace, and happiness
in the world beyond this one.
:iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 10
Brothers by Lichlore Brothers :iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 0 Grakka by Lichlore Grakka :iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 0
Grakka Back Story
Grakka is the eldest son of the Spiritweaver family.
When Grakka was born he was blessed with having a best friend and a twin brother named Gron'jin. The two boys were inseparable, and anywhere that Grakka went, you could be sure that Gron'jin would follow.
Like his mother and father Grakka was a great hunter, he also spent the first ten years of his life training his brother to be a hunter just like himself.
When his brother and himself were still younger Troll's they wandered off north to the hills to play, but it was this normal childhood game that would prove to be a changing point in the brothers life's.
The two brother had been play fighting out in the hills just north of their home when they were attacked by a scouting team from Stormwind.
The boy were about as surprised as the Alliance when they came face to face. They tried their best to communicate with the humans and elves that they were confronted by, but it was to no avail. They were attacked on site. Gron'jin had never ha
:iconlichlore:Lichlore 0 3
My odd little collection of pictures, stories, role play profiles and whatever else I have tossed in there, enter at your own risk.


Druid sketches by Drkav Druid sketches :icondrkav:Drkav 349 17 proto boys by sonreiv proto boys :iconsonreiv:sonreiv 440 2 [For you] I'm not broken toy by Mizuki-T-A [For you] I'm not broken toy :iconmizuki-t-a:Mizuki-T-A 282 91 Do you want to make everyone else sick too? by World-Hero21 Do you want to make everyone else sick too? :iconworld-hero21:World-Hero21 176 0 Illidari: WoW Fanart by Lady-Elizriel Illidari: WoW Fanart :iconlady-elizriel:Lady-Elizriel 37 5 The Val'kyr and Shal'dorei: WoW Fanart by Lady-Elizriel The Val'kyr and Shal'dorei: WoW Fanart :iconlady-elizriel:Lady-Elizriel 10 2 Dragon Head Practice by Lady-Elizriel Dragon Head Practice :iconlady-elizriel:Lady-Elizriel 6 0 Thaelin And Delilah: WoW Fanart by Lady-Elizriel Thaelin And Delilah: WoW Fanart :iconlady-elizriel:Lady-Elizriel 34 2 2013-12-18 by heise 2013-12-18 :iconheise:heise 3,671 98 Master with dragon wings ^^ by aenaluck Master with dragon wings ^^ :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 1,283 44 So is it now 'my Prince' ... or 'my Queen' ...? by Van-Syl-Production So is it now 'my Prince' ... or 'my Queen' ...? :iconvan-syl-production:Van-Syl-Production 207 43 DRACULA by azpt DRACULA :iconazpt:azpt 1,482 52 Commission: Raze by juhaihai Commission: Raze :iconjuhaihai:juhaihai 707 26 For a moment... by anndr For a moment... :iconanndr:anndr 1,182 28 Gift art for Zephyruex by Silverfox5213 Gift art for Zephyruex :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 1,523 40 His Demon by aketan His Demon :iconaketan:aketan 324 9
Just a very large handful of amazing pictures that I have found while wondering around.


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When All Seems Lost

Chapter One: Shattered Hope

One could say that nothing is ever really lost, those people are fools, when something is gone it's gone, or at least that is what I had been lead to believe ever since I was a child, ever since the day I lost my father, it was devastating to me, he had been my best friend, my companion, my everything, my mother you ask? Well, she was someone I couldn't give a damn about, sadly though she plays a key role in my story and my life...

The time was 3:19 pm, I had just arrived home from a very, very stressful day at school, my school days had always been stressful, I didn't esactly fit in you see, I was born different than the others, I had long ears, almost elven in nature, a long graceful tail that enjoyed snaking its way around my leg, only top that I had horns, not those cute little horns, but large ram-like horns, most of my peers only had one of the three, usually they had the elven ears, I on the other hand, well I was cursed with all three you see, great for me right?

My day had consisted of being teased, having my tail pulled and being called a freak, it didn't bother me all that much anymore, I had grown used to it over the past thirteen years of my life, thankfully, however, I always had a reprieve from it, that reprieve came in the form of my fathers large arm, he was my hero, still is my hero actually. No matter how shitty my day was I knew he would be there waiting for me with open arms, or at least that's what I had thought.

After hopping off the bus I wasted no time running to the door, a huge smile on my face, large enough to show off my underdeveloped fangs. Swinging the door open I tossed my backpack into the closet to my left, kicked off my shoes, tore off my coat and went running into the living room where I knew my father would be waiting for me, or at least that was what I was lead to believe.

Sitting there in the middle of the living room was my mother, her face buried in the nape of my father's neck, this wasn't totally abnormal for them, they were always affectionate towards each other, why I would never know, but I was used to this, what I wasn't used to was the blood, it was everywhere, from the walls the floors and even the ceiling, it looked like a sight of a mass murder.

I froze, my already pale skin lightened that much more. "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, I wasn't normally allowed to swear, but seeing my home in such a state caused me to freak. "What happened to dad?! Fucking tell me!"

I stood there shaking for a solid minute pleading with my mother for an answer, she said nothing, she didn't move, didn't take notice of my presence, nothing, she just kept her face buried in my father's neck. It would take another five minutes before she finally pulled her face away from my father, her face, neck, chest, everything was covered in blood, but that wasn't the worst of it, the worst part was the fact that she was chewing.

I watched her mouth moving, slowly chewing at the piece of my father that was in her maw, my blue eyes widened, I couldn't pull my attention away from her, the shock and udder disbelief that I was feeling was overshadowing the sadness that was ripping at my heart.

My father was gone, killed by my own mother and for what reason? Sure mom was strange in her own right, but so was I, so was dad, so then why would she kill him and consume his body?

"Why?" Was the only thing that I could say, I wanted to scream at her, I wanted to kill her, she had no right to live now, not after what she had done to the one person in my life that actually gave a damn about me.

"Oh, darling." My mother started, her face twisted into a wicked, sickening grin. "I had to kill him, he was standing in my way you see."

"In your way?"

"Why yes my darling, he was standing in the way of us." She dropped my father's lifeless body on the ground and rose to her feet, I hadn't noticed before but she was naked, it was disgusting, I didn't care for the female form, especially not that of my mothers.

I lept back, smashing my back into the wall, nearly tripping over my discarded jacket. "US! You say he's standing in the way of us?! There is no US you fucking psychotic bitch! You're my fucking mother!" I spun on my heels and ran up the stairs leading to my room. I was faster than she was which was helpful in this situation.

Upon reaching the safety of my room, I locked the door, moved my dresser and my bed in front of it, it was hard but I needed to buy myself some time. When I finally felt as if I safe I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed 119, the second the operator picked up I started crying, the gravity of everything hit me in that very instant and I was done for, I wasn't sure if I answered any of the questions I was asked, but within fifteen minutes the cops arrived at my place and took my mother away.

I sat there for awhile, my heart in my throat as I sobbed into my hands, I didn't even care that there was a cop knocking at my door asking if I was okay, how could he ask such a thing, course I wasn't okay, my life had been normal when I woke up this morning and now, now I had lost everything, meaning my father, I couldn't give two shits about my mother.

Eventually, the cops were able to open my door, I looked at them with bloodshot eyes, I wasn't able to speak to them as the larger of the two scooped me into his arms and brought me downstairs, he did his best to keep my face covered so that I wouldn't see my fathers body, but I already knew, I had already seen it.

"It's going to be okay champ, I promise, we'll see to it that you're well taken care of." The offer stated to me as he set me down in the back of his car. "Everything will be just fine."

I knew he meant well, but his words seemed hollow to me but I couldn't be an asshole, I knew he was speaking from his heart. "Yeah, sure, everything will be fine." I didn't even believe my own words but I knew I had to say something to the officer before he closed the door on me.

I sat there, looking at the house, the place where I had lost my father, it didn't even feel like home anymore. I started crying again and didn't stop until we the hospital, the life I knew was over, my world and my heart were shattered, I has no idea what was going to happen next, for the first time in my life I was lost and couldn't turn to my father for help.
Hello again everyone, Lichlore here, though I'm sure you knew that already.

I am here to give an update on whats been going on with me.

After having a very, very bad WoW/Video Game in general burn out, I have taken up writing again, yes I know, you're more then likely asking yourself "What the hell is wrong with this woman!?" -Chuckles- Don't worry, the burn out is slowly, but surly fading as the days go, but for the time being I will be writing a rather long FFVII Fanfic of Cid Highwind and Vincent Valentine, its literally ten years in the making, yes, I am getting old, specially if you think to the fact that I was in high school when FFVII came out, that was 15 years ago.

Other then that, I wanted to let you know that the first two chapters are up, and I will be working on more as the weeks go.

Also, on a side note, once Turning Point is done I will be taking requests for other pairings in the Final Fantasy World (Other then FFXI, FFXII, Tatics, and anything past FFXIII) never been an overly big fan of them, and honestly don't really want to sit here for hours reading everything about them.

Also, I rarely do hetero pairings since my wife and myself rarely play things like that, and personally most times I play a female they turn out bitchy, much like myself when I have had no coffee, also, I have included a list of the pairings that I fancy the most.

-Reno/Rude (Though after the RP with my wife that one will be a very sad one seeing as they have broken up)
-Reno/Snow (Yes, yes I know, different games, but hey, anything can happen in RP)
-Rude/Sam (Sam is an OC of mine and is Rude's childhood friend)
-Rufus/Lazard (Yes, brothers, so what)
-Vincent/Rufus (Complicated to say the lest)
-Rufus/Galian Beast (Its not what you're thinking. This one weighs heavily on me and my wife's RP)

If you come up with any that I have missed just let me know in a comment, other then that, this is the end of my little journal.

Till next time everyone!



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Kayn Felwind
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Ahh, so I see that you have stumbled upon my page, well then, I bid you welcome.

You'll see as you look around, that I am a collector of many things, I also like to dip my fingers into a little but of everything, such as writing, drawing, taking pictures, and so on and so forth.


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