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Manic the Hedgehog Plushie

**Update - Updated photos only**


*fan girl squeal* IT'S MANIC!!!! ^.^ JOYZ!

I love Manic, he's probably the best second hedgehog design around, Sonic being the original and Silver joint 2nd best second design... Shadow 3rd, I have nothing against Shadow, just Manic and Silver stand out more XD

My car had to go into the garage today so I missed uni :'( (secretly jumping for joy!) BUT i decided to try to finish Manic off :3 and I did :boogie:

I know he's slightly the wrong green but I was unable to actually find the right green =/ which is a pain XD

If you didn't know in the cartoon he doesnt actually have eye colour, so I gave him blue eyes... coz green eyes like Sonic would be too much green... well I think so anyway... and why blue?? COZ I WANTED BLUE DAMN IT!!!!!1 XP

And for those of you who don't actually know who he is, Manic is Sonic's brother (and Sonia their sister) from the cartoon: Sonic Underground I can't remember who the oldest is, I think it goes Sonia, Sonic then Manic =/

Note - Please don't feel the need to remind me that they are triplets or who you think is oldest/youngest, because I just don't care. This plush was made years ago and I have the series on DVD, if I want reminding I'll watch the show again. Thank you.


I know you can't see the details well, so I'll point them out here:

- His necklace
- He has 11 front quills (11 damn it 11!! *faints*)
- He has his little bag (doesn't open... I'm not THAT good :3, if you do get it open it looks like he's raided the nearest cotton wool factory :D)
- He has 2 silver earrings in his left ear... I know they are meant to be gold but I don't have gold :) yes, the earrings where made by me... I didn't cheat and buy them from a shop - mainly coz that'd remove the fun from making him, but also because they'd be too big!
- He has little sewn on laces on his shoes :3

He's about 6 inches tall like all my plushies ^.^
umm I think he took about 16 hours to make... on and off over the past month XD

:boogie: Joy to the world I got a Manic Plushie!! *huggles Manic Plushie* X3 :dance:

Plushie pattern (c) me
Manic (c) DiC
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Is this plush 12 inch

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It says in the description how big this plush is.....


Where did you get this plush from


you mean you designed this plush

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...Yes this plush was hand made by myself, I made it years ago. The pattern was designed by myself.

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Do you still make him? I'm asking for semi-obvious reasons. I have Silver and Shadow in my bed right now. lol. He will be well loved.
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I can do but commissions are closed until November, bookings & quotes for that season open in June
Manic-the-Hedgehog13's avatar
Thanks for getting back to me. Hopefully by June I'll have a job and enough money to commission him.
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Can you please, make a better Manic The Hedgehog plushie Doll! Make more for me to buy in time!!!!!!!!!!
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Are you trying to be rude? Or have you just mis-worded your sentence?
RaheemTheDream28's avatar
I'm (NOT) trying to be rude! I'm just saying, can u do a perfect Modern Style look for Manic The Hedgehog just like his Brother, Sonic The Hedgehog!
Have you thought of selling plushies like these. Because your plushies are incredibly awesome.keep up the good work.
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Yes, I already sell custom plushies as a living ;)

thanks ^u^
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They are triplets, but in the show manic was always referred to as younger, mainly by sonic.
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There triplets all born on the same day :D. I love Manic to he's really cool ;p. Awesome plushie it's so cute ^-^
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Thanks and yes I know they're triplets born on the same day but they still were born separately. There would have been seconds or minutes between each one, and I know this because they spoke about it on the show, just can't remember who said what. There's no way Allena squeezed them all out in the same exact second
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Idk Maybe your right maybe Sonia's the oldest then Sonic then Manic
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oh never i read it, he was made by you very very very good job. See it is so good I thought you got it at a store
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