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Jynx_Summary by LibraryCrew Jynx_Summary by LibraryCrew
Jynx has been finished! I know it took a long time but honestly, who doesn't like to procrastinate. 

Jynx isn't quite a thief. He'll take items from different timelines and leave them in places they don't belong for Ink and Error to ponder over. I call him a displacer. Jynx also has a tendency to prank others as he is a playful spirit. He tends to keep his identity hidden so nobody will know where to place blame but he still gets around. 
I'll probably explain more about him later. 

Some of the items he carries do belong with other timelines. I don't own these.
Goggles - QuantumTale Sans
Bandaid - AsylumTale Sans
Bandana - Undertale Papyrus
Bell- Chaser Sans
Brushes and pencil - Ink Sans
Belt - UnderFell Papyrus
Shoes - Fresh Sans

Speaking of items. Jynx does have a collection of items in his baubles (pink spheres) which are pocket dimensions with a storage capacity of 5. The ones on his wrist are also 5. Jynx is able to copy any and every ability he comes across as long as he sees it and records it into one of the dimensions. He can only use these abilities once but can have multiple copies. He Records attacks and plays them back because he doesn't have any magic of his own. The HEX (the silver swirl chain attached to his goggles) is his emergency stash if someone ever takes his pocket dimensions. It hold the most powerful weapons and attacks, however, none of his attacks can match the full power of the originals. 

Copied Attacks/Weapons in HEX:

Gaster Blasters             (Classic Gaster)
Blue Magic                    (Classic)
Scythe                         (Reaper)
Paint Bucket                 (Ink)
Knife sword thing          (Cross[underverse])
Strings                         (Error)
Abyss Chains                (Abyss Sans)
Dreams' Bow                (UnderVerse)
Trident                         (Classic Asgore) 
Blaster Magnum           (MafiaTale)

Since Jynx avoids anybody knowing about him he doesn't have to fight. He doesn't like fighting but he also refuses to die because there are so many Timelines to explore. 

I think I'll call this good for now because that's all I can think of but I know there's a lot more to him that I'm forgetting at this moment.

Hope you like him :D
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November 28, 2017
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