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New Character Day again act one
the episode starts in the theater in Acme Looniversity, where Buster is putting on a fedora hat, then starts talking to Hamton.
Hamton: "Everyone is here now."
Buster: "Good! Ready?"
Buster then turns around and puts his attention to the viewers
Buster: ""Oh, hi, Toonsters, if you're wondering what's going on, we're auditioning new characters again!"
(Babs enters the scene wearing a pair of orange sunglasses)
Babs: "And to make sure we don't mess up like last time, you're one of fifteen judges! see?"
(the camera moves left to show that Plucky, Hamton, Elmyra, Furrball, Shirley, Sweetie, Fowlmouth, Dizzy, Mary, Calamity, Bookworm, and Monty are sitting in on other chairs in the same row as the two bunnies, the camera moves back to Babs, Buster, Hamton, and Plucky. Plucky turns his attention to the viewers.)
Plucky: "About time! the last seven auditions were boring!"
Hamton: "But, you're in time for the last t
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Snoozyness by library9 Snoozyness :iconlibrary9:library9 2 7 Say Hello To Love by library9 Say Hello To Love :iconlibrary9:library9 1 4 Brandi concept art one by library9 Brandi concept art one :iconlibrary9:library9 2 1 Love by library9 Love :iconlibrary9:library9 14 16 Youngsters teaser poster by library9 Youngsters teaser poster :iconlibrary9:library9 8 6 Grumpy..... by library9 Grumpy..... :iconlibrary9:library9 10 10
A New Friend part 4
After going through the shortcut, Teddy, Grubby, Lucretia, and Newton all find the airship and the last pile they were making for the broken masts. Finally after fixing the masts, the trio gets back on the airship, but Teddy turns around once he notices that Lucretia was trying to staying behind and starting running back to her.
Teddy: Lucretia, is something wrong?
Lucretia: No Teddy, I'm just wishing you guys luck to wherever you're going.    
Teddy: That's funny, Actually we were on our way back home when we accidentally crashed into you.
Lucretia: Oh really?
Teddy: Yes, and since you said you were running away, I thought we could bring you back home too.
Lucretia: Well, thank you really. I was thinking about going back after I told you I was.
Teddy: Great! Come on airship, we have to tell Grubby and Mr. Gimmick anyway.
The two then get on the airship and it starts flying
Grubby: Teddy, was Lucretia hiding something?
Teddy: No, she and I just wanted tell you b
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A New Friend part 3
Lucretia chases the bounders all the way to Tweeg's castle as they make their way to the tower and the door shuts itself tight and Lucretia starts stomping on the door.
Lucretia: Come back out here! Thieves!
Meanwhile inside, Tweeg is seen in a room full of cages waiting until the bounders come in the room and throw the trio out of their box and into three cages
Tweeg: Well, about time!
Gimmick: Tweeg! I would of known.
Tweeg: Well, Hand over the crystals.
Teddy: No way! we don't even have them.
Tweeg: All right then, enjoy the rest of your lives here! (evil laughs)
Then he leaves the room with the bounders still laughing not noticing that Lucretia was behind a wall they passed. Lucretia then sneaks into the room surprised to see that the trio is locked up.
Teddy: Lucretia! I knew you'd come!
Lucretia: Poor Things, I'll help you out. But who is that mean green man?
Gimmick: Jack W. Tweeg, he's caused trouble for us many times.
Grubby: Yeah, nothing but trouble.
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A New Friend part 2
After going through several bushes, Teddy gets in shock to see the girl lying down unconsciously on the ground with bruise on her nose. He starts to panic when Grubby and Newton arrive.
Teddy: I was right! We did hurt someone!
Gimmick: Oh dear! the poor child.
Teddy starts fanning the girl's head with his paw, and she wakes up
Teddy: Are you all right?
Girl: I..I think so....(Gasps) What THE!
Gimmick: Oh don't react young lady, Its all right.
Grubby: Sorry if our ship hit you on the head
Girl: It's okay, even I don't know if it was you.
Teddy: Actually it was, you see, we had a rough landing
Girl: Oh, it's all right then, what your name anyway?
Teddy: Well I'm Teddy Ruxpin, and this is Grubby, and that's Newton Gimmick.
Girl (shaking Teddy's hand): Nice to meet you all, I'm Lucretia Smyth
Gimmick: Well boys, maybe Lucretia here can help a bit.
Teddy: huh?
Grubby: What do you mean?
Gimmick then pulls out a broken wooden stick from his pocket.
Gimmick: You see, our m
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A New Friend part 1
The airship was flying safely, Newton is seen holding Teddy's map looking for directions while the other two are looking down on the right side of the ship, just when Grubby hears a huge crying noise
Grubby: Um Teddy,Did you hear something?
Teddy: Yeah, I heard that big noise too.
The two look to their left to see a giant orange bird with yellow wings flying right towards them. Both very frightened,both Grubby and Teddy start tugging on Gimmick's clothes
Both: Look! Watch Out!
Gimmick: What? (Gasps)
Meanwhile in the forest they were above, a young girl wearing a strawberry-like dress with a matching bonnet and a green bag is walking in the trees grunting about how rude her classmates in school treat her.
Girl: I don't care what those meanie girls think, I'm not a bad girl, ever, they just want to rub their carrots on me.
Meanwhile, the giant bird hits the airship and dashes away, leaving the airship to fall and crash to the ground, the ground starts to shake an
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New Smurfs Cartoon Production confirmed
More info here, lemme know if the link is dead.
let's hear what you hope to expect in the upcoming cartoon
:iconsmurfs-forever:Smurfs-Forever 3 23
Luigi's Mini Present for Princess Daisy by ZacharyNoah92 Luigi's Mini Present for Princess Daisy :iconzacharynoah92:ZacharyNoah92 32 0 The Perils of the Pitstop Twins (WIP) by ZacharyNoah92 The Perils of the Pitstop Twins (WIP) :iconzacharynoah92:ZacharyNoah92 6 6
Now this is an idea I've working on for a while, I've decided that this would be a swell time to tell you all about it Wolf Lick ! This idea is a video game series called Good Wolf, which follows the stories of the adventures of an anthropomorphic teenage wolf who is outcasted by the society of his home kingdom, Spritegem Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!, due to superstitions from fairy tales. It also exaggerates a fantasy version of gang life and has several hidden moralsCresent Moon Emoji  that we should all use in our lives. This game series goes under the Fantasy:fairylove: , AdventureTowel fight , Actionknight Fight , and SeriesYeah . It is aimed for audience members in middle school , high school, college, or anyone who has experienced a gang or bad life.

I hope you like this idea of mine, please commentCSS Fairy - clear ver .
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Would Anyone Else like a another Detective Pikachu game? 

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