Azalea Death Song

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All the maidens wrapped in green,
all the lads are singing;
witness beauty in the house:
a lady's life is ending.
Her bright boy brings out the gun,
his wife lays the table,
green silk ribbons deck the bed,
good wines will flow later.
Forty years ago today
she had just arrived here,
then the little flower grew
to all souls kind and dear.
Many happy days have passed
and before she withers,
she calls for a joyful way
to break her earthly tethers.
Smiling faces all around -
family and close friends -
the younglings have not yet seen
how a lady's life ends;
so they sit with eyes so bright
in quiet attention:
rowdy playing, summer light
are for now forgotten.
She sits on the bed and says
some kind words in farewell;
the man of the house nods:
"all is well that ends well".
Then she takes her gun in hand,
to her heart points the barrel,
the next moment she falls back
yielding to the thunder.
Blood stains the green velvet sheets,
then her body lies still.
It's wrapped up and put to ground
as she wrote in her will.
Azaleas on the mound
that gently covers her;
come, now, eat and dance and sing,
her life to remember!
© 2017 - 2020 librarian-of-hell
This was written back in 2016 November, but the shitstorm at the time distracted me from posting it here, so I fished it out from another place I had posted it to. Mainly because I have seen a lot of material on DA lately about how suicide is always a "tragedy" and it's "off the table" (ugh), so to contrast it, I made up a story where it's a happy occasion. Just to represent another view while I still can.

So, there you go.
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WanderingInMyOwnMindHobbyist Writer
It's an interesting perspective that is often overlooked. Death is a funny thing and yet it is not necessarily always a terrible thing. While there is always some degree of sadness somewhere, it can be something that we can be glad in as people we love and care for no longer have to suffer as they did when they lived.
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librarian-of-hellHobbyist Writer
Death is a natural part of life. And as we have a right to live, so do we have the right to choose our time and manner of death. #ConstitutionallySpeaking
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WanderingInMyOwnMindHobbyist Writer
Well said.