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By libran005
Ah... finally my first Journal Entry after 6 years in Deviant Art... Quite a long time...  Anyways, here I am... a "Brand Consultant" by profession and an "Artist" by passion.

I run my Independent Design Studio... In the day I am busy designing Logos, Print collaterals, Mascots, Websites, writing HTML & CSS codes, interacting with clients, managing projects etc. Most part of my time goes in running my business which is very dear to me.

In between I find time for my artworks (which has been an obsession right from my childhood)... which is when I do all these caricatures... Though I love painting, I have switched to pastels and pens due to time constraints...
I also love experimenting with the Digital medium...

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Nice, a own design studio. This explains why you're so good and profecient in drawning. Good luck with your future projects.
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Ya thats true... Being independent as an creative guy is always a nice feeling ;-) It has its drawbacks too which needs to be handled carefully
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Hey Bharath, you have a nice portfolio..was u take up collaborative work? I have a few projects whr I need help with coding websites, let me know if you're interested. You can mail me at Cheers!
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mailed u in detail.. :-)