Celebrating Indian Cinema - Part 2

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By libran005
In continuation of the first part (which featured Hrithik Roshan) here's a set of interesting artworks featuring Oscar & Grammy Award winning Composer/Singer A.R.Rahman.

Rahman's life story is somewhat similar to a Bollywood movie. It is clear that not every person can face life's tragedies like him. He says it is mainly because of music, that he is alive today. Since childhood he has been into music. It was his mother, who inspired him by telling stories of his father. Thus when composing for the first time, his first inspiration was his father.

A man of few words he believes in letting his work do all the talking. He prefers to save his energies for his work instead of fighting out numerous controversies. His personality is summed up in his favorite prayer which goes thus "O God, if I worship thee for fear of hell, burn me in hell, and if I worship thee in hope of Paradise , exclude me from Paradise , but if I worship thee for thy own sake, grudge me not thy everlasting beauty."

Here's an one-stop fan portal of A.R.Rahman called "Rahman Times"

Follow "Rahman Times" on
Facebook : www.facebook.com/RahmanTimes
Twitter : twitter.com/#!/rahmantimes

ARR Artworks
:thumb115133316:   ARR by 5ree   happy birthday , A. R by veeroo18
The A.R.Rahman Fans T Shirt by amithchandhran   Slumdog $M 'A.R. Rahman' by Joy-cheers   A R Rahman by Vishw  
A R Rahman by toonrama A.R. Rahman by arindam79   A R Rahman by 075130
a r r... by Vishw   The HERO by shirly90
A R Rahman by dgsudharsan   AR RAHMAN by sagarlike   Caricature-A.R. Rahman by kp1986  

Here are some of my artworks on A.R.Rahman

A.R.Rahman - Typo Portrait by libran005   A.R.Rahman by libran005   AR Rahman-Double Oscar Winner by libran005
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I saw a movie called Maryan and he sang a few songs in it. They were very beautiful :)
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Yaa true... Lovely songs... :)
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Also in Raanjhanaa too :aww:
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wow.. awesome collection.. this one is for his this year's b'day :) [link]
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Awesome collection
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thank you so much for mention !!
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Thanks a lot for featuring my work :)
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Bharat KV? I know you from arr yahoo group! :) Thanks for featuring my works! :)
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Yup... Am very much from the ARR yahoo group and RahmanTimes. Nice to meet you here... :)
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Nice to meet you too! :) Just read that RahmanTimes is back! Congrats! :D
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Yaa true... RT is back... :)
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You did a blog on Hrithik Roshan? Awesome, need to check that one out:3
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