Celebrating Indian Cinema - Part 1

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By libran005
Hi Guys,

I am a movie buff bigtime, be it Bollywood, Tamil Cinema, Korean, French, Iran, Hollywood... I love them all...  and I see there are quite a lot of artworks in DA celebrating Indian Cinema (I specifically dont want to call it Bollywood).

I am starting off this initiative with the Greek God of Indian Cinema... HRITHIK ROSHAN also called "Duggu"

This man single handedly has revolutionized the way an Indian Hero should like. Be it his macho look, or the amazing "dream like" dancing skills, or his chameleon like getting into multiple characters, or his adventurous stunts... This man has it all to make it big as a Global Star...


Here'a a collection of some amazing fanarts based on the Bollywood Superstar.

:thumb208716191:    :thumb151443084:     hrithik roshan by roshmon    
     Hrithik Roshan by aplusp Hrithik by Manekz  
Hrithik Roshan1 by adetomir   Hrithik Roshan by fabfactor :thumb267992186:
Hrithik Roshan by oOveR hrithik by nick-oomph
Hrithik Roshan the piper by sanjun   Hrithik Roshan by adetomir   Super. by SaSush33  
Hrithik Roshan by arastu   Hrithik Roshan by yasserian Hrithik by Vishw

And here are some of my artworks on Hrithik

Guzaarish by libran005   Hrithik Roshan - Caricature by libran005  
Akbar the Great by libran005   Lover - II by libran005  


Feel free to send across or suggest artworks... I will feature it out here...

Lets make it big... More stuff to follow...

Bharat KV

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You described his awesome-ness well, especially about those dance skills. We always used to say that everybody in the Bollywood scene should have his skills. That was some nice artwork, so accurate *o*
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Thanks... Yes, This collection of artworks show his multiple skills :) Just observed that...
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You missed this [link] ;)
libran005's avatar
Oh... how did I miss that... Awesome work...
Journal Updated :)
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Hey, thanks for featuring my work!
libran005's avatar
You are welcome Sasha :)
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Nice start. But if the theme is going to do justice to the title of "Celebrating Indian Cinema", it should not be myopic as to include only the actors/actresses. The movie directors, script writers and other crew behind the scene, should get due credit. Looking forward to see the rest of the entries.
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Hi Prathyush,
Thanks. Yes, thats a good idea. But the thing is here its a collection of artworks which revolve around Indian cinema. Unfortunately we have very less about the technicians... Let me know if you have any thoughts on this
PraX-08's avatar
"very less about the technicians" – Change it.
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Solution please...
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well... the whole thing is to identify artworks in deviantart... What I meant was, we have less of artworks on technicians... Will anyways make a compilations of the ones available
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Feels a bit awkward to spell it out, but you are the ones with the power to make the change. Influence, Inspire, Initiate. Those pictures were pointers, if you form anything of them.
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yaa true... Got ur point...
You'll love the next post... :)
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Thanks so much for featuring my work!!! :D
libran005's avatar
you are welcome :)
reveriewit's avatar
Thank you for featuring my art. The others are lovely too =)
libran005's avatar
You are welcome :)
sanjun's avatar
Hey thanks a lot.
libran005's avatar
Its my pleasure :)
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Thank you. Those are pretty nice work features.
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You are welcome Bro :)
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