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 Krypto really is the Ultimate Rescue Dog, because not only was he saved by Superman from a pretty rough existence in at least one version of things, he has ALWAYS been such a Good Boy that the Super-Dog helps rescue others on a daily basis; there may fans who like their comics so Deadly Serious that they have no room in their hearts for a dog who wears a cape for a living.

 I feel profoundly sorry for those poor souls - may they someday let go and allow their Inner Child out to play!

 On a slightly more serious note, I've had the odd conviction that Krypto should look a bit less like a common-or-Earthling dog for some little while now but only recently realised WHY one felt that way - quite simply it's because Kryptonians are so Human looking that everything else about their world should look more all the more unearthly simply so that we can accept that YES this is an Alien Planet!

 With that in mind I approached Sheather888 with the idea (look up his gallery, you will not regret having done so and it would be very sensible indeed to commission the artist to draw something for YOU too!) and that Good Man was kind enough not to walk away laughing! The results of our discussion - involving, amongst other possibly models, the Thylacine (aka the Tasmanian Tiger), you can see above.   

 p.s. I WILL be commissioning a caped Krypto at some point, but wanted to show off his slightly unearthly anatomy in the clearest way possible, hence the tragic lack of fabric in this image!:D (Big Grin) 
 "Lois, isn't this kinda Batman? Maybe even just a little Gotham ..."

 "How can you kiss your sweet, silver-haired old mother with that mouth Smallville?"

 "Well I make sure to wash it out first, Miss Lane."

 This illustration was commissioned from Dan Hubsher, all praise to Him! (I was thinking suit-and-tie, he saw plaid; truly Clark Kent's wardrobe can contain multitudes!); on the other hand all complaints should come to me.:D (Big Grin) 
 Not great cinema, but pretty great entertainment - if you find the fact end titles for this Killer Shark movie start with "Fin" as amusing as I do, then you can watch this fine slice of shameless popcorn pleasure in the serene confidence you'll have at least SOME toothsome fun...
 Wishing a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only Lois Lane-Kent (born August 17th nineteen-something-somthing), that Immortal Icon of hard-charging journalism and fearless disregard for the criminal, the corrupt, the suicidally dangerous and the little niceties of spelling (Not Pictured: the Daily Planet newsroom looking less than surprised Lois is chasing the Next Big Scoop rather than sitting still to enjoy her own Birthday Party).

This illustration was commissioned from Dan Hubsher (in honour of Mrs Lane-Kent's 80th year in publication), so all praise should go to the artist and all complaints should come to me!
 "I trust EON Productions to know exactly what they're doing."

 On a less easygoing note, I've just seen an article on another website claiming that James Bond "doesn't have to be a white, British Man" and am still seething. Either James Bond is very, very British or he isn't JAMES BOND.

 On a less cranky note, I have absolutely no objection to the idea of a non-White Bond or a female 007 (though calling the latter "James Bond" might be a touch postmodern for me). As mentioned above I do trust the casting directors at EON to do their usual excellent job (we all like certain Bonds more than others - playing Favourites might well be the most universally popular game in Human History - but I do believe that EON has yet to pick a dud for their leading man).

 I'd also be interested in seeing more from the other 00-Agents, if only so we can have ALL the Awesome "casting call" suggested actors in a single blockbuster!:D (Big Grin) 
 Not great cinema, but pretty great entertainment - if you find the fact end titles for this Killer Shark movie start with "Fin" as amusing as I do, then you can watch this fine slice of shameless popcorn pleasure in the serene confidence you'll have at least SOME toothsome fun...


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A man with a graphic imagination inconvenienced by the fact his artistic skills do not extend to the depiction of the Human Figure (and are indeed stretched to the limit by stick figures!), but delighted to discover and explore such a trove of works by the infinitely more skilled.


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