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Uprooted - Agnieszka and Sarkan (+Process Video)

How to Train your Dragon cofcof AAANYWAY! I read "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik, and enjoyed it inmensely. It was, to me, a masterpiece, full of action, a great mix of folktales with fresh tropes, and the heroine was so cool! So I wanted to thank the author doing a fanart of these two, Sarkan (The Dragon) and Agnieszka, as I imagined them. The setting was somehow Polish, so I got inspired in their fashion. (Yes, it took me two thirds of the book to realize that Polnya and Rosya were ways of saying Polonia and Russia. I'm dense, very dense).

I hope you like them!

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I read it and loved it. Yes, I think those places in the story are named after Poland and Russia. And there was some inspiration from Slavic folklore in this universe. I loved this story.
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Yayyyy! It was a gorgeous book. Spinning Silver is pretty cool too. Did you read that one? It's more complex and ambitious in a way, though the characters feel a bit... too pragmatic and cold? Perhaps it's a cultural/historical thing. I loved it anyway :D
Raakone's avatar
I haven't even heard of Spinning Silver. I'll have to find it.
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I literally just finished reading this, as in put it in it's own little spot in one of my own numerous book shelves for next time bout ten minutes ago. It was wonderful, and you've captured both of them excellently. I also thought there were some routes in Polish so i'm glad someone else spotted it (and I also had to have the similarities of names pointed out to me, embarrassingly by my POLISH partner...though it shows how immersive the story was I guess!).
LiberLibelula's avatar
Ahahaha it's such a great book! I'm glad you liked my drawing :D
asteri-mou's avatar
I just read this book in two days, and I'm so angry about the end but I love it so much, ksdlfjl;asdfj
lie-in-the-rain's avatar
I really love this so much, they're so perfect :)
Dusty-Ink's avatar
I absolutely love how you made little mushrooms growing on her head! ^-^ 
LiberLibelula's avatar
That would make Sarkan go nuts, for sure! XD
Rayba's avatar
Me lo estaba releyendo y me encuentro tu dibujo, absolutamente genial :) Si te sirve de consuelo yo tampoco pillé lo de Rosya y Polnya, y en mi caso es lamentable porque hice estudios en letras eslavas xDDD
LiberLibelula's avatar
¡Aaaah deshonra sobre nuestra vaca!
Ostras, eso de las letras eslavas tiene que molar mucho.
Rayba's avatar
Molaba, ahora apenas recuerdo casi nada. Deshonra sobre nuestra vaca plus xDDDD
Novester-Finch's avatar
Re-reading it right now! The book really didn't get enough credit. You did a wonderful job capturing them and their relationship! 
LiberLibelula's avatar
Right?! It was such an amazing book. So many things happened, and yet it didn't get dense. Also, the fairytale elements were so cool.
Thank you so much!
LullabyTheKitty's avatar
Haha their relationship is hilarious and you captured it perfectly xD
LiberLibelula's avatar
Ahahha I loved that she was so dirty (literally) and he was such a clean-control freak XD
Thank you!
Madda-Archive's avatar
Hmmmm.... This makes their inevitable explicit sex scene even less appealing in my mind >.>
LiberLibelula's avatar
Ahahaha! It's going to be a muddy, cruuuunchy sex scene XDD
Madda-Archive's avatar
Bleehh... Why U do this to me D:
LiberLibelula's avatar
I do it from a place of love. Chaotic love XD
BarelyBear's avatar
This art is on fleek
LiberLibelula's avatar
What do you mean? Is fleek a site?
If you can pass me the link, I'd appreciate it :D
BarelyBear's avatar
Oh, its slang for good. You hear makeup artist say it from time to time. 
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