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The Balance of the Force - Reylo


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Yes, folks. I'm not prone to ship people, but I've fallen deep, deep down the Reylo shipping. I just got this... VIBE while watching the movie and I couldn't exactly fathom if it was only my imagination. Like all my alarms were telling me that Kylo acted like a man obsessed with a woman, just that he didn't exactly realize, but all his body language was screaming I'M HUNTING THIS WOMAN AND IT'S MINE DON'T TOUCH. Too much Phantom of the Opera / Hades and Persefone imagery to ignore. And then I read this exhaustive deconstruction of the whole Kylo/Rey moments and it was the OH YES to what my intuition was telling me. (My boyfriend felt it too, I must say)
And look! I made a playlist about Reylo too
I know they could be related... but family doesn't look at you like him. About Rey? I don't know. She now hates him, of course, but these two are like the ying-yang... I doubt they'll be separated like this for too long. Rey will come back to him and I reaaaally hope she gets darker and he gets closer to the Light. That's what balance is about, right?

So now I'm crazy for these two and have spent about 15 hours painting what I believe is one of my favorite drawings ever. I put a lot of thought in every detail, so there's a lot of symbolism here. I hope you enjoy it too!

Please don't crop, edit or redistribute.
Free texture from Mayang Adnin.

EDIT: After #ThelastJedi trailer, this seems relevant again... (maniacal laughter)
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well, now I anxiously wait for a new fan art (if you know what I mean...IX) -v-