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Hello my friends! I bring you hot nightmares just taken out from the oven. Why? Because my mind is dark and full of horrors and I love to share them with you and the rest of the internet. Also, because I had the need to prove that Reylo is not THAAAT BAD.

HAPPY 4000 FOLLOWERS BY THE WAY!! Thank you all so much for your support, it means everything to me :love:
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Oh my good Lord. What a strange trip. HILARIOUS

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So... Have you tried therapy ever since ?


No ?








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They told me to follow my dreams T_T

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I need brain bleach to erase what I just saw...

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tears literally streaming down my face, I couldn't even catch my breath, OMG BB-8 in speedos, my life is complete OMFG I can't stop laughing!

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Ahahahaah thank you so much!
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The Author Name Puns (In Order, Top 2 Bottom)....
  • Gertrude Hunk-Rider
  • All In The Hole
  • No-Bra Day
  • And All The More (Also, 'Amour' means 'love')
  • Surprise Buttsex
  • Show Me Your Legs
....Oddly enough; I wouldn't mind a fic where Bala-Tik's TFA battle against the rathtars played out....differently.

Why not; I think Bala-Tik was CUTE!

Then again; Hux is a babe, too.

A LOT of babes in the Sequel Trilogy. Babeage on both sides....hitting CRITICAL MASS!

I have a weakness for Kylo, Hux, Mitaka, Bala-Tik and DJ and I love Reylo and BEN SOLO BETTER RESURRECT IN A FUTURE STORYLINE AND IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A MOVIE WITH ADAM DRIVER IF HE DOESN'T WANT TO DO IT....That's where the cartoons, comics and novels come in and someone else could do a decent "Ben Solo" voice.

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What, no "Who' your Gran-Daddy" ?

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I'll see you in HELL!

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Come to Hell, we have barbecues!! :D
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There is only four fitting words to say :
You piece of **** !

_ Hey, let's watch her.

Yeah !
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I came back to this picture more time than I dare admit over the last years, and it still makes me laugh my ass off everytime :D

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Ahahahah thank you!!
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this needs to be updated with one featuring rey and the emperor
LiberLibelula's avatar
Holy crap, great idea. I might draw it out of spite if I get enough time XD
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"A wrinkle in time, if love was a crime"
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JESUS CHRIST please let me save this for future use XDDD
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Emperor voice: "Do it"
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well, i still dislike reylo, HOWEVER, i am now a solid wormhole shipper. thanks for bringing me here, LiberLibelula! my god these are all amazing, and also horrifying.

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Ahahahah it's okay, to each their ship. What matters is not fighting over it!
Wormhole had so much success someone actually wrote a smutty fic about it :D
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da heeeecccckkkkk
This is so hil
LiberLibelula's avatar
Gotta traumatize everybody! :D
Kitty-ChatBlancN's avatar
Now I can show this to all the people who judge me for my reylo shipping
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