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Reylo - My heart will go on

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I MADE SOMETHING!! OvO First of all, this is based on one of my heroes, the guy in this video. I saw him many, many years ago and to this day I still admire the mighty balls of steel he displayed by doing something like that, nevermind what people say.
Soooo let's assume that Kylo decides to be true to his feelings. He can't face Rey because she wants to kill him so badly, so what's the best option left? A video sent across the stars...
I hope you like it. I know my jokes are lame, but god, did I laugh while making this one XD

Rose brushes from here and tiles texture by Mayang Adnin
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FINALLY FOUND THE OG! My God this thing is GLORIOUS!:dummy:

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Omg I can't breathe send help 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I keep hearing in my head as I am reading this comic the Titanic song being played with the flute but badly

LiberLibelula's avatar

Surely Kylo has hired some poor stormtrooper with questionable music talent to play the flute in the background XDD

This belongs in a museum!!! Fantastic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Gods, I'm laughing my head off! XD Great comic! Their faces are absolutely priceless! XD
LiberLibelula's avatar

Ahahaha thank you!

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Oh man. I'm sitting in the house by myself wheezing like an absolute loon. There are actual tears. The neighbours must think I'm absolutely mental. :lmao:

LiberLibelula's avatar

Yayyy! My mission here is complete <3

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You... You managed to do the impossible... You made me start to like "My heart will go on"... WHAT THE HELL?! 
I never knew that I needed these comics in my life, but now I want MORE of them! 
ArcticFish420's avatar

This is amazing

I never knew i needed this

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Oh no AHHH I can't believe I forgot this exists! You are a master of expression. None greater. :worship: remake 
LiberLibelula's avatar
Ahahahah thank you!
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Luke's reaction

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This is like the best thing ever LMAO!

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I came from the future and actually Adam Driver doesn't sing bad conuntries:… , anyway I can't imagining him singing the Titanic song. :V
LiberLibelula's avatar
He has a very pretty singing voice, indeed :love:
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What the heck luke Skywalker XD 
This Is so funny lol
LiberLibelula's avatar
He had... questionable priorities when choosing which subjects to teach to his students XDD
Kitty-ChatBlancN's avatar
XD you make me laugh so much each day I might die of laughter

This is so hilarious XD lol
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You art is a product of evil genius and a blessing to our mortal world.

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Ahahaha thank you!!
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