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Reylo - Just let it in




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This is what I truly, truly hope happens in the next episodes. We've had archs of corruption in the previous trilogies, so why not one of redemption this time? Kylo has already sunk to the bottom (cross fingers) and Rey will learn way more about him after her training in the arts of the jedi, so she'll be stronger and more honest with her feelings the next time they run into the other. She'll see things from other perspective and, though he's done terrible things, this is Star Wars and we know there's potential for epic salvation mixed with the greatest hate-acceptance-respect-romance everrrr!!

You two are bonded, wether you like it or not. This ship is about learning and making it through the dark and the light together to find balance.
Go to the light, Ben. GO TO THE LIGHT I SAID.
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The love between Mary Sues. Pathetic.