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Published: June 13, 2018
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Heyoooo fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth! What's up? Everybody seemed to be doing it, so I made my own #meettheartist for your enjoyment.

My Youtube channel (Spanish audio, Esp/English subtitles) 

(Spanish) La Visita del Selkie
(English) The Visit of the Selkie
(Spanish) La Dama y el Bandolero
(English) The Lady and the Bandit

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Meet the Artist - LiberLibelula by LiberLibelula  Meet the Artist by LiberLibelula
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ALDALStudent Traditional Artist
hey estos se hacen 1 vez al año?
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
Si quieres, sí :D
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MascaraMoradaHobbyist General Artist
I just the faces you do here, I will never stop saying that!
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
Ahahah thank you so much!
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RensKnightHobbyist Writer
Aaaaayiyi, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize what the upside-down heart was, exactly... O_O  :dies:
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
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Literally no one in my tiny town understands my absurd love of Bollywood.
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
I feel you! I get strange looks too when I start fangirling about Indian stuff. Nobody wants to sit down and watch 3-hour-long Bollywood movies with me, or listen to the music T_T
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Believe me when I say I'd totally be down. xD
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XD i like how the facial expressions are always so crazy! 

I didn't know you write novels! You're way too talented!
And I do love some smut romance stories!!
(did you ever write a reylo fic or fanfic in general?)
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
Ahahaha yes I did! It's a short crackfic called The Dance of Doom in which Kylo tries to seduce Rey into the Dark Side by the power of bellydance.

I even made a dramatic cover for it :D

Mature Content

The Dance of Doom by LiberLibelula
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XD omg! I love that cover! 
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veraukoProfessional Digital Artist
Looks just like you <3 :3
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
Hehaheh, same for your drawings! (Though I think you're prettier than you draw yourself XD)
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zazangaHobbyist General Artist
I love that you included Reylo shipping in your list of likes again omg. 
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
Absolutely of course! XD
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velvet021Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg, have you ever watched Bahubali? It should be on netflix, and if you can find it, the Tamil version has the best translations.
If I seem really excited, it's because I can never find people who like bollywood movies like me, so I get really happy when I find 
people who like it :D
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my god BAAHUBAALIIIIIIII!!! So much epicness! The clothes! The action! The endless intrigue and royal backstabbing! It was 6 hours of pure extra XDDD
Finally someone I can talk about Bahubali with! :iconhurrdurrplz:
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velvet021Hobbyist Traditional Artist
YAAAAASSS!!! The opening sequences for both movies were so amazing! Oka Pranam is my morning alarm
song ever since I watched the movies. :XD:  Also, dem mothers tho...  Talk about badass! It was honestly 
watching my grandmothers irl. cue the fear and awe ;p Literally cannot get enough of that movie
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Dude... Bollywood Period Dramas? ... soooooo have you seen Padmaavat?? :D I saw it recently and it was hilarious xD 
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
YEEEESSSSS PADMAVATI! It was super epic, though my favorite thing ever was the villain, so funny and crazy. Plus, Ranveer Singh looked so handsome in this movie!
Why did you find it hilarious? I admit some scenes were kinda funny, especially the number "Khalibali" with the villain and his soldiers all jumping like crazy because he believed he was going to bang the Queen XDD

Do you have some period Indian movies to recommend? I'd love to find new ones!
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My dude, the villain was sick! his evil dance with his soldiers was so insane that my brain had to reboot for a second in order to process wtf I was watching! 
I think that I found it hilarious from the opening scene and until it was over. Like, mr bad guy strolls in with this pissed off looking CGI ostrich and is like: Sultan, you told me to brin a feather, I brought da bird, now give me booty. 
And then when Padmaavat shoots her bae in the heart in the next scene and he's just comically leaving it in telling her that she hit her mark and then they dramatically pull it out and he passes out... I could go on. 
Every five minutes something happened that had me laugh out loud but at the same time I was super impressed with the visuals. Really weird experience.
The behind the scenes stuff was even more ludacris to read about. 

I'm still a novice at Bollywood but I have set my eyes on a movie called Bajirao Mastani. I just don't have the time to watch it these days but I LOVE the soundtrack. IT'S SO GOOD!!! But you know... These movies are a billion years long and they demand your attention :P 
Friggin love this song:…
Which movies do you recommend? 
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
BWAHAHAHA ohmygod, the ostrich. "Hey, my Monarch, let's trade. A wild murderbird for your daughter."

The whole beginning of Padmavati and the King was surreal. Like, girl, you just shot a man, stop looking at him like he insulted your grandmother and help him! But the best part for me was when he tells her he must return to his kingdom, and Padmavati is like "NO WAY, YOUR WOUND HASN'T HEALED YET" while she cuts his wound with her hairpin. Whoah girl, cut down on the psycho, for God's sake XDD And he was staring at her with infinite love, like "You just stabbed me and I'm seeing stars, I also probably got an infection, but for some reason I find that really hot, so marry me?"

But that happens a lot with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movies. They're super epic and visually stunning, and entertaining, but ohmygod, do they get extra and weird sometimes. They're still among my favorites though.

Bajirao Matani has gorgeous music and visuals, but the "love" story filled me with homicidal rage. Watch it, it's a cool movie... but you'll see the protagonists ruin everybody's lifes and make everyone around them miserable for the sake of "tru lurrrv". My heart went out to Kashi (Priyanka) for the whole movie, and Deepika was a little stiff. Her character seemed to have transcended reality out of pure love, which is... yeah. Still, it's a movie worth watching (But please, PLEASE, come back after to let me know your thoughts on it XD)

Ahahha Malhari! I have it set as my alarm tone. No way to stay asleep with that!

If you like period Indian movies, I recommend you Jodhaa Akbar. And Baahubali, which is split in two ULTRAEXTRAEPIC movies, each 3h long. It's TOTALLY worth it. That movie is a meme. Please watch it. You'll die of laughter and awesomeness.
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So uh... FOUR MONTHS LATER!! haha xD
Dude yes, the beginning of Padmavati is completely insane! I laughed so hard at the part where she shoots him in the chest and they're staring at eachother all weird and shit. So bizarre!
I guess they just have one of those weird relationships that works but to the rest of the world they look like complete freaks!

And Bajirao Mastani is just tragic. Kisha was an amazing character and I just felt so bad for her the entire time. To some extend it was almost her story at times with all the shit she had to put up with and how well she handled everything. I actually doubt Mastani would've done the same for Kisha, had a servant come up to her and told her that assassins were sent to kill her romantic rival. I completely agree with you that Deepika's performance was kinda flat - especially next to Priyanka who has so much personality in her performance. 
I don't know why, but the movie didn't really make me angry even though it probably should have. I just felt sad for Kisha pretty much everybody who were like: yo, Rao, Mastani is clouding your judgement, bro... please be a bit more pro..
Maybe I would've felt a bit more rage if the two leads had been a little less cardboard and bit more complex. I liked that Rao had that candle blowing scene with Kisha where he seems legitimately remorseful for causing her so much pain, but I wish there was a bit more of it. 
I actually think it hurts his character that the writers changed the reason for him and Mastani marrying. I did a quick wiki read while watching the film and found out that Mastani was, among other goods, a gift from her father to Bajirao as thanks for helping him out. That Rao only accepted Mastani in order to respect her father's customs and then later fell deeply in love with her. 
I honestly think that is a much stronger and much more interesting story than the one we got. 
Overall I enjoyed the film but yeah, it's a pretty frustrating sit since best girl is definitely Kishabai and she gets nothing but shit the entire time. It's kinda funny how Mastani was chained in a creepy dungeon and tortured and shit and I was like: eh, but when Kisha goes to Rao on his deathbed and he thinks she's Mastani it kinda broke me, haha. It just made that candle blowing scene earlier feel like a lie because he tried to convince her (and maybe himself too) that he loved her and Mastani equally. 

Thank you for the other recommendations! I'll put them on my watchlist and get around to them ASAP!
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