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Disney meets Warcraft - Tiana

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"When I look into your future, it's the green that I see..."
Hard-working, modern, independent and a bit sassy, focused in professional success. That's Tiana, and so are goblins. And look! She's got a pet-murloc!

I really like her *w*

Tiana (c) Disney, World of Warcraft (c) Blizzard Entertainment.
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Flive-aka-Nailan's avatar
I imagine dr. Facilier as a troll-master of voodoo :3
LiberLibelula's avatar
Me too!! That'd be so cool :D
Fat-Butt's avatar
Tia makes a sick goblin.
strong-1's avatar
The thing about Goblins is that they are passionate in whatever they pursue, Blizzard just hammered monetary gain as that pursuit to keep them neutral for as long as possible.
LiberLibelula's avatar
Gotta love goblins and how they never stop trying, even if their inventions blow them in pieces. The only thing I don't like about them is how they destroy nature wherever they go, along with tacky decoration and stuff. Have you seen the artificial grass patches that they put everywhere? Eeergh.
strong-1's avatar
True, but some Goblins, such as their shamans and hunters DO care about the negative effects industrialization have on the world. 
LiberLibelula's avatar
It makes a lot of sense. That was my canon for my goblin hunter. Ahh... it's been long since the last play...
Thief-in-darkness's avatar
I like it, it matchs her personality
Luvlylexy's avatar
Now we just need Goblin!Vanellope Von Schweetz.
LiberLibelula's avatar
It's a good idea! And Anna is on the way too :D
Luvlylexy's avatar
rachelillustrates's avatar
Again, a perfect mashup. So glad you're doing these and sharing them :D
EspeYuna's avatar
OMG! I love it! *A*
hrfarrington's avatar
And she's green most of the film! :giggle:
Wonderful work as usual! ^^
PantherStar613's avatar
Embervixen's avatar
LiberLibelula's avatar
Thanks Piper! *w*
AllisonHearts's avatar
how many more of these are you going to do??? I've so heavily fallen in love with world of warcraft, and I've always been a disney freak, so this series is super exciting to me :D
LiberLibelula's avatar
Haha thank you! Well, I plan to make Anna (Frozen) and Sally (Nightmare before Christmas). I should make Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph, since some people have requested her. Most of the girls are already done! :D
AllisonHearts's avatar
well yay! :D I'm really excited.
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