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Disney meets Warcraft - Merida

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And heeeere I am again! I chose Dwarven race for Merida because, let's be honest, everything in her screams Dwarf: Her family, her physical appearance, the archery and the bear affinity, and of course, her personality.
Please forgive me if the archery pose is not right. I know nothing about this art T_T

Warcraft (c) Blizzard Entertainment
Merida and Brave (c) Disney Pixar

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Just wanted to mention, you helped inspire my costume for Blizzcon this year!

Princess Merida, Representative of the Wildhammer by MalisVitterfolk   Princess Merida, Representative of the Wildhammer by MalisVitterfolk
LiberLibelula's avatar
Oh my goooood you look so pretty!! I'm so happy that my work inspired your craft *O* Thanks for the pictures!!
MalisVitterfolk's avatar
Thank you so much!!
strong-1's avatar
My fave princess, as one fo my favorite races, rolling my fave class!
LiberLibelula's avatar
Then I'm so happy to have hit right on the spot! Thank you ^^
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Well, Blizzard decided to do this for Hearthstone…

Dunno if you knew about it or not, but thought I share it with you xD
LiberLibelula's avatar
Ahahaha well, I don't think their intention was to copy me. Brave is a very famous movie, so it was just about time.
(And they made her a blood elf. Pffffff *fart noises* that's so not her)

Thanks for telling me! Truth is, the card is beautiful XD
Belcoot's avatar
Yeah, obviously they weren't going to copy you, otherwise she would've been a dwarf xD I guess Blood Elf because most archers in fantasy games do tend to be elves.
LiberLibelula's avatar
Well, but we know the truth... (whispers) *She's a dwaaaarf!!*
Ramavatarama's avatar
That outfit is so on point! wonderful palette!
LiberLibelula's avatar
Aah thank you! ^^
rachelillustrates's avatar
Perfect, of course, since the Dwarves are so Scottish already :) Great interpretation of her dress into a Warcraft costume as well.
ScarletSooja's avatar
I was going to say something similar :) Great job on all of these, LiberLibelula!
LiberLibelula's avatar
rachelillustrates's avatar
You're very welcome :)
hrfarrington's avatar
Totally agreed with her race! :D Very cool work ^^
LiberLibelula's avatar
Thank you so much :love:
gorgeous! Can't wait to see who'll be next °O°
LiberLibelula's avatar
Thank you! Probably it will be Anna or Tiana, or maybe Vanellope ^^
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Cuantísimo tiempo sin pasar por aquí jaja y veo que precisamente tú no lo has perdido, me encanta esta nueva pieza de las princesas WOW, voy a ver al resto ^^ porque Mérida mola, pero ya he visto que has hecho a otras que me gustan más.

LiberLibelula's avatar
Muchísimas gracias! :love:
xMarinx's avatar
Flawless combination and beautiful execution. I adore it. 
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