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Disney meets Warcraft - Meg

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Edit: Background color and texture changed ^^
One of my favourite girls.
At first I wanted to draw her as a goblin, as she is so sassy, but... come on. She's a Forsaken. Super skinny, tortured, sarcastic and completely dissapointed with the whole world. Not to mention that stuff with the Underworld and that time she was diving with all the doomed souls. And she died and now is alive again, so she's an Undead!

I love how she turned out *w*

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Best drawings ever! And I love your description of the races you choose, they're so good
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Wow!She makes a really pretty undead!
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She's already got the body type and the snarky attitude XD
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Yep!She surely does have it all,but I wounder what kind of WoW creature she was before hand?
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Probably human. And then she caught the Scourge, probably saving her (now ungrateful ex) boyfriend. Poor girl.
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Yeah!Indeed!And she was only in two episodes of disney's hercules television series.(the one that ignores one crucial piece from the original film all together) One involved her stealing an amphora full of lethe water from the underworld with teenaged hercules' help so that she can forget all about that vain blind date of hers called Prince Adonis of Thrace.She succeeded only for Hercules to forget her too.

So my guess is that she forgot all about the bad date with Adonis and got right back to dating him again.

Hey!I have an idea!How about making Adonis into a blood elf!He is a very vain and prissy boy.  
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Yeah. Undead totally fits her
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She did sell her soul to Hades so being Undead is a good fit.
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Holy shit I'm looking all of them they are so PERFECT
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Hahaha thank you so much! :love:
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Oh my, this is perfect.
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That works really well! 
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Yeah. That couldn't have been any other way.
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Flawless reasoning for your choice here. She has so much sass and personality. 
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Thank you very very much :D
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I LOVE her!  Wow, what a great concept!  I think it suits her perfectly.  :)
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You are welcome and wonderful.
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Thankfully I found the link for the Kotaku article of your art and I was able to compare this version of Meg to the old one of her and I have to say this one is much smoother looking and the purple background suits her much better.
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