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Disney meets Warcraft - Kida

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At first, I thought she was kinda draenei, but then somebody over here suggested that she would make a great troll, and wow, that was true! Plus, they're my favourite race ^^
Think of it... Trolls had an enormous empire that falled apart in its own decadence, but even now, when they're fighting to preserve their culture and rise again, finding unlikely allies in other strange species, they keep a piece of their ancient power and union with their ancestors and spirits. Just like Atlantean people.

So, I hope you like her! ^^

Kidagakash belongs to Disney, Warcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.
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tbh i want to see more disney characters as pandaren, goblins and worgen

just personal opinion

also noiche art piece ya got there laddie
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Thank you so much! I should make Moana. She'd make a great Tauren shaman.
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Interesting version. I thought that Moana is a troll too but unlike Kida (which looks like zandalari) Moana looks like a jungle troll (maybe closer to trolls from the Dark Spear tribe) x)

But tauren - this one wasn't there yet. Why not?))
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Troll is your favorite? And you only have one :c

It's my favorite race too, so I would love to see another disney character in this race *3*
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There will be at least two more trolls! So keep an eye and you'll see ^^
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I'm obsessed with your interpretation of Warcraft trolls - yours are actually way better than the in game models.
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Even with the new models? Wow, thank you!! *w*
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Yes, even with the new models. They were an improvement but still affected by the overall cartoonishness of the online game. Yours really look like trolls.
good idea, realy !
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Trolls are also my favorite race in WOW ! :heart:
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They are so colorful and awesome!
Maewigiwig's avatar
Yay !!!!!
That's why I like them ! :)
I like you you made the shiny/gimmick not detract from the... troll-ness, but actually add to it. Myaincatec ancient white ruin thingies and all that. 
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Princess Tiana - Goblin
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I like that combo :D
Yoko-Tesili's avatar
Merida (Brave) - Tauren
Yoko-Tesili's avatar
The Little Mermaid (Ariel) - Naga
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omg Atlantis! that was my fav Disney film!  ^^
LiberLibelula's avatar
Definitely, Kida and Atlantis need more love! ^^
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