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Disney meets Warcraft - Cinderella



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EDIT: Lots of people asked for glass hooves and I thought it was a great idea; so now she comes with them ^^

This one required a bit more work, I really hope you like her.
Cinderella never was one of my favourites, however, I think I liked her more as I grew, because she was so persevering and kind, even to those who were cruel with her. And she never stopped dreaming and hoping for better days to come, trying to help everybody without distinction.

That's why I chose the race Draenei for her. If something characterizes draeneis, is their faith and their endless hope, even when things look really bad for them. Plus, they're very associated with crystals. Though here, Cindy has got hooves. Oh the irony XD

I tried to give her an outfit that resembled the original silvery dress (I don't know why she's always portrayed in blue. Really. That dress was white and silver. Anyway). It was difficult, as her dress didn't match very well with WoW and I wanted to show her legs. I'm happy with the final picture ^^

Though Cinderella could be considered a redhead, I gave her draenei a pale blond hair, as that's the closest thing a draenei can have to a light human hair. (Another strange thing... in merchandise she's blonde, while in the movie... maybe my eyes are wrong, but isn't her hair more orange than blond?)

Now that the three first princesses are done... it's time to draw the cool ones! (Rapu is cool for me, I meant the other three XD)

Cinderella belongs to Disney, Warcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.
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The crystal hoofs... genial. They are all simply perfect. Great job!