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PT Ice Ballad: Our FairyTale by LibeRitee PT Ice Ballad: Our FairyTale by LibeRitee
"This is Our FairyTale. This is Our broken frozen world..."

Once upon a time ...
There was a storyteller. Storyteller, who like to write the greatest tragedy in the world. He lived with the idea of ​​his adult life.
He owned what he does not know how others - what he wrote, it became a reality.
Because of this, people were afraid of him and passed it by.
And one night they came and killed him, cut off his hands.
Thinking that they have finished with them, they're gone, leaving the old man to bleed to death in his own house.
But he gathered the remnants of the forces, he wrote with his blood a new story - a story in which he and the death could control the worlds ...
As soon as he put the point in his mind jumped crimson point, and whitish eyes closed forever. In this world - forever.
Since then, the storyteller was able to control the lives of citizens-citizens who thought they got rid of him. He, meanwhile, cut their small town from a different reality, completely breaking off contact with the outside world, consider some moving the city in a different world, a surreal world ...
This storyteller is still trying to create the greatest tragedy that has tormented his soul even after death - but all attempts were in vain, As he tried, nothing worked ...
But at the moment when he despaired, he came across a duck unremarkable. He saw a strange, very human sadness in her eyes ... and in that moment when he seemed to hear her voice, which screamed that she wanted to help the Prince - yes, help the prince, because he never smiles, - the genius struck, and its parchment lips parted smile.
But, alas, here and storyteller disappointed. The tragedy, which he began to write with such gusto, finished - but finished, alas, a happy ending, and despite the fact that the Prince was left with another Princess, and Princess Tutu again become a duck, all were happy.
... And now, almost three years have passed. All was quiet. Ahiru lived with Fakir, the last also wrote fairy tales and sometimes - letters to the mythological and Roux.
Winter came. From the sky fell down first, fragile snowflake. It was then that began Ahiru nightmares.
She could not understand what it is connected - but the strange, disturbing dreams of frightening her. She could not sleep - and crying, yeah. Because after every sleep in her small fragile a heart appeared melancholy - a comprehensive and deep. Fakir could not help her, however hard they tried. She dreamed of a butterfly, a cemetery and a blizzard, Socially - a vague figure of a girl in a tutu, scattered by the same butterflies and even more rarely - a statue, a giant, representing the cold-beautiful woman with long hair and eye-ice. Once even dreamed of Ahiru, as she caught one of the butterflies, perhaps it is this dream was thus thrust, because after she ... regained human form. And then ... a watershed moment.
In KinKan seemed to be knocked down adversity: people began to disappear, and those who were found to be either frozen, and killed the wolf, or did not remember anything about his past life, and seemed lost ... all the emotions and feelings. And also, it seemed, had changed and the city: he was dark ... cold ... dark. Winter was getting colder and frosts are stronger ...
Ahiru increasingly felt increasing unease, something told the girl that some more, and all her dreams come true. But what are dreams? Who is that girl in a tutu and a sword in their hands? Whose statue is why, looking into her eyes, like a heart begin to pull out of my chest? Whose grave and why in my heart all the time, anguish and sorrow? And what could she, Ahiru, when she no longer Princess Tutu?..

Drosselmeyer, Ahiru, Fakir(c)Princess Tutu(c)HAL Film Maker
Princess Liberite, Hikari, Lilah, Mirai, Adel, Ice Maiden(c)Ice Ballad Fan-Project(c)Kyandoru Studio

Art by Liberite(aka me)
PS by Lio-Sun(aka Adel)
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skytabula Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
gorgeous but frightning! lol
nebulardrip Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Whoa this is beautiful! As usual your Princess Tutu (or should I say Princess Liberite?) art is fantastic!
LibeRitee Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh, thank you very much! *J*
nebulardrip Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome!
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