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Hey everyone!

Finally summer is here! The temperatures are rising (at least a little bit :D ) and I have got nothing to do all day. So I devote my time to drawing and painting. I enabled prints for my best drawings. Don't wait to get a copy ^^

What's more: I'm open for commissions. If you want one of your characters immortalized, well, I'm here ;)

Commission Prices:

Drawing with effects: €8 ($10)
Ornament by LiberianGurrl   Spirits by LiberianGurrl  

Digital portrait full color:     €20 ($25)

Real Princess: Cinderella by LiberianGurrl   Snow White by LiberianGurrl   Aries by LiberianGurrl Weena by LiberianGurrl

Digital full body with background:   €30 ($38)

Denisha by LiberianGurrl   Brunilla by LiberianGurrl   The Lady from the Lake by LiberianGurrl

All payment will be done through Paypal.
I will stay in touch troughout the process of painting, so the commissioner can express thoughts and propose changes.

Note me if you are interested!

Some features of awesome people here on DA, I really look up to:
Dawn Dedication by SteveArgyle :thumb168155429: Tidus and Shayne by omupied :thumb309396861: skull girl 6 by cocoaspen Sevillanas by Sfoozz   Snow White by escume Lana L IV By Daria Zaytseva by daria-zaytseva :thumb283333094: smth strange by lulek Blue Smoke by yuko-rabbit
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yuko-rabbit's avatar
Thank you for featuring!
SuperBeatlesForever's avatar
Wow your truely a wonderful artist! How do you do these?! Do you use paints or colored pencil?

(Shakes head in awe) I wish I could do something like this! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us!
LiberianGurrl's avatar
Haha, I'm flattered :hug:

I use my Wacom Tablet to make Digital Paintings. The program I use is called Gimp.
I also work a lot with pencils (mostly graphite, but I also use colored ones) And I use watercolours occasionally, but I don't really make huge oilpaintings or something, I don't have the time for that ^^
SuperBeatlesForever's avatar
Ahhhhh I see ^^

Thats really awesome and I really admire your art there was one I particarly liked. I guess it was an angel or something, but it was really neat :.

you defiantly have a talent.Please stop by my profile and check out my art ^^...I dont have much yet but I hope to. And please leave a comment ;)
LiberianGurrl's avatar
Thanks :)

I did visit your Gallery ^^ I liked your last one, the portrait of George ;)
SuperBeatlesForever's avatar
Oh thanks ^^ I did that for an art show a while back ^^ No one bought it but was glad to put it here so I could show it off :)
LiberianGurrl's avatar
really cool! I've never had my works in a Gallery :(
I'll have to work on that then :D
SuperBeatlesForever's avatar
Well I put you in my gallery :D in faves and in my Group gallery as well ^^ how does that sound?

Your art is too beautiful for people not to see ;)
LiberianGurrl's avatar
Perfect XD
I'm really really flattered :giggle:
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charlieterrell's avatar
Thank you , Anja. So thoughtful of you to feature me.
LiberianGurrl's avatar
I really adore your style!
I-Am-A-Flying-Bird's avatar
I'd love to commish you, but I've got to look wether I've got enough money xD
LiberianGurrl's avatar
Thanks, and most people have the 'money' problem :D
cocoaspen's avatar
thank youuuuu!!
LiberianGurrl's avatar
np, I really love your work!
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