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IDK if this completely applies to She Who Must Not Be Named, but I happened to be going through my music collection (Which is quite sizeable, lol) again today, and this kinda reminded me of her:

You crave attention as if it's due to you,
You want permission to behave as badly as you do,
You want respect, but you don't act respectable,
You want fame to fill the void where you once had a soul.

But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes,
You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly paid your dues,
But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes,
You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly paid your dues.

It's so pathetic, this image you portray
Shatters like crystal, and slowly fades away,
You want the world's eyes, you need the accolades,
You want the money, and all the empty praise.

But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes,
You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly paid your dues,
But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes,
You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly paid your dues.

When it's all over, what will you have left?
You'll still be incomplete, forgotten and depressed,
You want acceptance, it's all you wanted all along,
You want forgiveness from those who you have wronged.

But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes,
You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly paid your dues,
But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes,
You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly paid your dues.

22555475 1835480763409732 4096755619911070538 O by Libberachi

Her bones are so thin that her leg broke with minimal pressure. She SHOULD have been getting enough calcium from her diet to prevent such things. Oh, and how do I know her bones are thin, even though the doctor didn't take an X-ray? Her bone stuck right through her leg. ;_____; SO! She and the other birds will be getting smaller water bowls so I can put the liquid calcium supplement I was given in their bowls.

I have a confession to make, too. Money hasn't been (as) much as an issue as it has been in the past, thanks to my family. My mother also babysits me AND the birds almost all day. While she and the rest of my family are more than a little screwed up, and she tends to be a complete bitch to me, AND they're the reason I'm so sick in the first place... I'm extremely grateful for their help. Without my parents help of late, I would not have been able to pay for things like Saphira's vet bills. So there's that. So for all my bitching, they ARE a tremendous help. That I would never deny. In fact, if they weren't so verbally, emotionally - and in the past, physically - abusive, I'd never have a problem with them. So there's that.

... CarlaC? I honestly can't think of what she would've done to get herself banned, or did she actually quit DA on short notice for some reason? I miss her, either way. :/………

Journal regarding the issue:  Gofundme for Gracie (Monkey) -- She's gotten worseUPDATED INFORMATION: 

Below this line is old text and may not be applicable anymore.

Earlier today when I saw her go in her little pan while washing dishes she is now urinating full on bloody urine =/ This is getting far more serious now and I am seriously sick to death over this.
She had somewhat bloody urine before but now it's a full stream and it is very very red; even spots of blood in her urine. Actual bright red blood...
She's had a diet change, homeopathic treatments, and anything else I can do but she needs to get these tests done NOW -- Please please please, help in any way you can. Share, donate, etc. 
I also have a if that's easier as I know gofundme tends to rely mostly on credit cards --
dA points (while thoughtful) would take 2

SterlingKato's cat is extremely sick and needs help URGENTLY, but needs help doing so. No, she is not some flakey kid just looking for money. She's been around for quite a while and this is the first, MAYBE second time I've EVER seen her ask for help, despite having some problems I'll briefly explain below. She pretty obviously DOESN'T like asking for help, so she's pretty desperate. :/

I've been following her for years, literally. I myself trust her (it's hard to earn my trust these days), and will be donating shortly. Before some asshole pops up and says, "WELL YOU SHOULDN'T OWN AN ANIMAL IF YOU CAN'T CARE FOR THEM!", you DO realize that shit happens, right? I didn't expect to get sick as shit, myself, and am VERY lucky to have help caring for my own pets until I'm well enough to do so myself. Not everyone has the Midas touch. And especially in the US, getting help for anything can be tough, despite what some assholes would have you believe. And by the way, I get what you're saying, but again, shit happens, and I trust them. And again, I've been following them for years and understand quite a bit about what they've been through, mostly 'cause I've either been there or am going through what they're going through.

But I can't make you and wouldn't make you donate if I could. I simply wanted to explain that little detail and ask that you help, especially if you're a follower, or have just now seen their art via this journal and enjoy it. They've done a shit-ton of commissions/auctions, with little to no problems at least keeping up their end, despite having some pretty obvious deep depression/shit-ass family issues. They deserve serious props for that alone.



:heart: :icongargoyles-contest: ... :icongargoyles-contest: ... :icongargoyles-contest: ... :icongargoyles-contest: :heart:

It's basically a revival of the old MGC (Monthly Gargoyles Contest) ^______^ Please do go check it out.
Ugh, I really do wish my doctors would hurry up and find a biologic (medicine) that freaking works on my rheumatoid arthritis. I hurt so bad most of the time that I need help with some of the simplest, most basic of things. Sigh. As you can imagine, that's put quite the damper on my ability to do art. :/ So I apologize for that. There's not a whole lot I can do about it now, but I'll try. I also had a nasty reaction to actemera (medicine) and now I'm fighting off a particularly nasty sinus infection. So I appreciate any patience you guys have with me. I'm not dead, just very sick at the moment, and it's no fun. :/
I now have a 150 set of Prismacolor premier pencils, and nearly 160 professional alcohol markers. And I want to draw something with them. I just don't know WHAT. Any suggestions? :)

(By the way, I'm not trying to brag about the art goodies; I just feel bad having them and they're just sitting here at the moment, 'cause I'm kinda depressed and thus not really sure what I wanna draw. So again, any suggestions would be appreciated.)
The DA app needs some werk, yo. Including the ability to post status updates. Anyway. Headache teims! I'd post an actual status update to avoid bothering people, but I don't feel like screwing around with either my computer or the browser on my phone. Le sigh. Ouch ouch ouch ouch! They need to work on helping people better who have chronic pain, instead of penalizing us like we're fuckin' criminals. It's a horrible problem that I'm 110% sure contributes quite heavily to the suicide rates - be they suicide on purpose or by accidental overdose. I'm part of at least one group on FB that deals with people who have certain types of chronic pain, in particular fibromyalgia and auto immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, both of which I'm cursed with. It basically makes life fucking terrible. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Okay, I take that back - only because the people I consider in that category tried their damnedest to ruin my life, and in some cases, succeeded. :/ Some people just are freaking beyond psychotic. It's a shame really.

Maybe if politicians started focusing on punishing the aggressors who far too often cause us to be in pain in the first place, instead of punishing the victims, there wouldn't be so much substance/opioid abuse. But that would mean having to put themselves in jail along with the rest of the scoundrels. ;p
Too bad I can't post it here. Maybe it'll go on FA and Weasyl. We'll see.

By the way, how the HELL do you make a status update?!

Come say hi! :wave:
Would any of you like to watch me stream my art? I have a badass collection of music to listen to (like close to 500GB worth) while watching me draw. :) You may have to be a night owl like I am, though, as it's easier for me to draw when my mother isn't awake to bitch constantly. ;P I am SO ready to be well and move out. -_____-
<da:thumb id="556454558"/>

Sorry for lateness! Things have been a little crazy. I'll probably be going into a medical rehab/nursing home situation so I can get better, and my mother can have a break from babysitting my sickly ass. Blah.
...That the stupid doctors FINALLY figured out what's wrong with me. I have some as-of-yet unknown auto immune disease that appears to be attacking both my muscles AND my joints. Awesome! So how is that good news? Auto immune disorders are treatable, fibromyalgia? Not so much. They put me on what's called a disease modifying drug, and omg, almost the moment I took it, I felt ready to jump for joy! The horrible chronic pain I've been in all but disappeared! It's still here, mind you, but toned down to a much more manageable level. I have much more energy, and my body doesn't feel like a giant dead weight. So there's that. But seriously, if you want to keep up with me and my art, go find me on Facebook. If you want the link again, it's on my profile. I've been posting WIPs there, many of which haven't even seen the light of day here! Since I'm starting to feel like a human being again, I should have more finished stuff before long. :) I may be posting thumbnails here later on, and linking to the pictures on my website in the description. That way I can make it harder for art thieves to take off with my shit, since the admins here have made it explicitly clear that they now allow tracing. What pisses me off the most is that they couldn't be assed to update the actual rules with this information. And by the way, don't bother reporting art theft unless the art is yours - they flat out will not tend to it. This is yet another rule they've made up that they couldn't be bothered to add to the actual rules. I'll try to find that information where they actually said these things later.

By the way, loooooooool to kozispoon and y2jenn getting kicked out of their jobs. XD I don't know if they were fired or resigned, but they're no longer a part of DA's staff. Serves them fucking right, twats that they are. I don't know what happened, but a LOT of staff got the boot. Anyone know why? Supposedly, it had to do with the fanart thing I just previously mentioned, but I haven't a clue as to the veracity of that.
Can someone verify this for me? The new "protectart" account or whatever it is (I believe it's just realitysquared again) is all kinds of "WELL IT'S YOUR FAULT THINGS WEREN'T HANDLED PROPERLY!!" and confusing as fuck. It's got a fuckton of propaganda bullshit that makes a lot of false claims, and I can't figure out where this begins and that ends. It's a fuckin' mess, in short. But a little birdy told me that they said we can't upload fanart anymore, and I'm not sure where they read this. A little help for an easily confused dork? Thanks immensely!
If you don't like my frustration with the people who run this site, or anything that goes with it for whatever reason I'm not freaking sure I want to know, please do us both a favor and move on. I really don't get the "Y U SO ANGRY AT THE STAFF STFU BITCH" nonsense that some people throw at me. Please just go away. In fact, if you're THAT petty and immoral, just fucking unwatch me so neither of us has to deal with each other ever again. You seriously, SERIOUSLY give me the fucking heebeejeebees. I'm not changing for you or anyone else.

Everyone else, have an awesome evening/day/whatever. :)
So I felt it necessary to explain in at least some level of detail why I'm not around as much anymore. Since this is (more or less) an art site, and a picture is worth a thousand words, I figured screen captures of my interactions with staff, volunteers, and senior members ("deviousness award" winners) might help explain things better. andrewk, take notice, since you assholishly took offense to my speaking out against the admin's garbage before. :P

First, I'd like to say that a lot of this shit started when I protested DA's changing of stance on tracing. Namely, since the worthless piece of shit known as realitysquared, who couldn't be bothered to do his damned job if someone lit his pants on fire or something, doesn't like My Little Pony, he assholishly decided it was okay that someone traced someone's art line for line "so long as the character is changed". I shit you not. I will probably try to get screen captures of THAT fiasco later, but for now, that's the basic gist. But basically, the staff didn't like me speaking out against this bullshit, and retaliated in truly fucked up and near criminal ways (ignoring someone who THREATENED me - what if the fucker had been serious, and I got killed or injured or whatever because of it? They'd be fucking LIABLE and I'd HAPPILY take their asses to court if something happened!)

Without further ado, here's the incriminating evidence:

Wtf-da-kozispoon2 by Libberachi
Wtf-da-kozispoon by Libberachi
First off, we have some crazy, stupid fucker threatening me out of the blue, and Kozispoon blowing me off. Nice! /golf clap

Wtf-da-kozispoon-22 by Libberachi
Wtf-da-kozispoon-23 by Libberachi
This was in direct response to the aforementioned incident involving me protesting DA's random change of position on tracing. A senior member ("deviousness award" winner) thought it would be appropriate to tell me that I have AIDS. Again, more being ignored and blown off.

Wtf-da-y2jenn2 by Libberachi
Wtf-da-y2jenn by Libberachi
More blowing me off, this time by none other than the infamous Y2Jenn. Some asshat thought it appropriate to evade my blocking them, which will normally EASILY get you banned from the site. Nice excuse there, Y2Jenn! Fuck you too, darlin'! :P

Wtf01 by Libberachi
Wtf04 by Libberachi
And then we have asshattery by Ginkgografix. She basically tells me I'm stupid, then insults me further when I call her on her bullshit. THEN proceeds to hide the evidence under the guise of "hiding private information". Bitch, it's MY information! I have the fucking right to post it!

So, in conclusion, the people who run this site are insane assholes. Oh, and that hideous newish logo? Stolen from a Russian site. I'll find a link for ya later. (It actually looks fine on its original site, because it was DESIGNED for that site!)… <-- Facebook page, come find me here, guys! I'm on FB almost every day. :3 Just send me an invite, and tell me who you are/that you're from DA!

HURP DURP. Been a while, huh? Basically, DA pissed me off for the last time, namely the money-grubbing, thieving, lying, complete and utter psychopaths that run this site. They completely ignored my reports and/or gave me some lame, LAME ass excuse, no doubt because I've been vocal in the past on their fucked up policies (allowing line-for-line perfect traces if the character is changed just because realitysquared doesn't like MLP, telling stock artists not to use DMCA notices "because it's confoozing!!!1!one1" or some shit like that, etc.) They ignored PHYSICAL THREATS against me and DEATH THREATS against others, among other things. Anyone who works for this horrific company has to be either completely insane, or utterly lacking in anything even remotely resembling moral standards, or both. Especially both. It's like Laika for the internet. :| And no doubt, just like Laika, they will lose money as they drive more and more people away. Pathetic waste of a perfectly decent website. I want Jark back, dammit! Fuck spyed! Also, fuck you, realitysquared, kozispoon, and y2jenn. Just fuck you up your stupid assholes. >:[ You are horrible, HORRIBLE excuses for human beings, and you should goddamn be ashamed of yourselves. But none of you have a shred of human decency, so "shame" isn't something you understand in the slightest.

/rant over

Sigh... Anyway, I'm... much happier over at facebook. At least I can completely block assholes from interacting with me, or from me even having to see them! It's not perfect, Facebook has its moments, but it's way better than here. :/
Dude, did somebody steal Flufflepuff for an android game of all things??…

Also, I thought Flufflepuff was an earth pony or something? Not a unicorn... Either way, I get the feeling her creator did NOT approve this. Please spread the word so we can find out about this. That would be pretty shitty if it is indeed stolen.
Okay, that has got to be the umpteenth time I've been called a bitch by a so-called "egalitarian"... despite having done jack shit to this person.

There are all of maybe two or three egalitarians I've met so far who WEREN'T crazy assholes out for blood. There is no excuse for this shit, guys. None. Since when did egalitarianism mean death threats, sock puppet accounts used for harassment, racial slurs every which way, and labeling everyone you don't agree with a "SJW"?

Your name is supposed to mean something. Please do the world a favor and actually put some meaning behind it outside of hating feminists. I don't care if you don't agree with me. Just don't be a complete assface about it.

P. S. Yes, I AM a bitch, but you're worse than I'll ever be, hypocrite.
Untitled Drawing


Blasted bird bit me... twice. o_o

I don't think a lot of people realize that parrots are basically like toddlers with wings and sharp, strong beaks. The good news is that they can usually be reasoned with and "trained", much like a dog. The bad news is that training in this case involves being bitten... and with a bird as large as Baby, he can do quite a bit of damage. I don't think he means to cause any real harm, he just doesn't realize that human skin is rather delicate. ^^; In any case, he'll learn what's acceptable and what's not. 23 years is a long time to learn bad habits.

In the meantime, I'm going to go take some Aleave. G'night, ya'll!