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I'm that liberal, feminist, atheist bitch your parents warned you about! Also, assburgers, birbs, and art! Don't make me come over there and beat on your sorry, stupid ass. :D

Srsly, though, hi! Welcome to my devart page! I'm Libby, aka Libberachi, aka Libboski, aka whatever, except late to dinner! I'm an old crippled fart with a nasty case of autoimmune disease and long covid. Bummer. :( But! I try to make the most of everything. Trying to get back into art after covid almost killed me (like literally) in 2021! Man, was that ever a (traumatizing!) trip! Trying to get healthier again, too. But in any case, enjoy what I have here, and I'll be updating more (finally!) Best basic bit of advice I can offer: YOLO! Make the most of it!

Favourite Movies
The Money Pit, The Emporer's New Groove, Road To El Dorado
Favourite TV Shows
InuYasha, X-Men: Evolution, Blue Exorcist, Otome Youkai Zakuro
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Conetik, Rotersand, Seabound, The Azoic, etc., at the moment. This is subject to change from time to time.
Favourite Books
Anne Rice novels
Favourite Writers
Anne Rice
Favourite Games
I must be the only nerd alive who doesn't play video games.
Favourite Gaming Platform
One that launches my foot up your behind? :D
Tools of the Trade
Depends on the trade.
Other Interests
I'm freakin' ADHD, need I say more?
Oh, yeah, and I've been uploading streams of me drawing on teh YouTubez. Have at yee:
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Uh, it's been a while, so I dunno if this is the right area to post this, but hey, lookit me, I'm back! Of course, it's right when DA pisses off almost the entire art community with this AI shitfest, lmao. >.< I'll try posting more stuff more often. In case anyone has been wondering where I've been (unfortunately not much likely here on DA), I almost died of covid in July of 2021. I've been recuperating ever since, and definitely have a case of the so-called "long covid", which doesn't mean I still have it, it's just the aftermath of health problems that have cropped up because of it. I wasn't very healthy to begin with (thank you, screwed up immune system!), but it really made things worse. I'm gradually working on getting back into art and on my feet again (both figuratively and literally, heh) But uh, how's everybody who's left here?
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IDK if this completely applies to She Who Must Not Be Named, but I happened to be going through my music collection (Which is quite sizeable, lol) again today, and this kinda reminded me of her: You crave attention as if it's due to you, You want permission to behave as badly as you do, You want respect, but you don't act respectable, You want fame to fill the void where you once had a soul. But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes, You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly paid your dues, But you haven't earned it, you haven't walked long enough in these shoes, You don't deserve it, you haven't nearly p
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Yo! Hey! I've been meaning to check on you the past few days. Sorry for being a scatterbrain, lol. I've not been very active, as I've been recuperating for the last year and a half from almost dying of covid. I'm not exaggerating, either. They were telling my family to make funeral plans for a week. They had me in an induced coma, and my lungs collapsed. No one knows how I made it. I couldn't even remember my friends when I was woken up from my coma, and I was so weak, I couldn't even use my hands, and couldn't turn in bed, let alone walk. It took six months of physical therapy to get me walking again, and I still need a walker and an electric wheelchair to get around. This all started back in July of 2021. To make matters worse, this horrible nursing home that was supposed to help get me back on my feet (literally and figuratively) tried to kill me again. I almost lost my kidney function. They don't know how I managed to recuperate as well as I did from that, either. The phrenologist (kidney specialist doctor) said I'd be on dialysis for the rest of my life. Thankfully, that did not happen. I'm very fortunate in that sense, but yeah. It's been a rough year and a half.

Oh, shit! I'm sorry to hear this. The same thing happened to my mother and me 14 months ago. We got the mutated flu that was like the Covid-19 virus. My mother fainted. The last thing she remembers is that she went to the bathroom while I was sleeping. She saw everything white in front of her eyes, and since then, she doesn't remember how she ended up on the floor. He has a memory hole. This virus has crippled us all. It took me three weeks to recover from a bout of dry cough, but because of that, I got so many antibodies in me that I didn't catch any virus this year. It is good to hear that you have recovered.

Cheers and happy late holidays!

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:la: Thanks so much for the watch!! :happybounce: