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Finally, I'm back after almost 2 months! Meow la plz I'm really missed you!!!!!Pearl Emote 43 ~:heart: I'm sorry, I was absent here, because recently I moved with my parents from the apartment I lived in since childhood. I really miss "home"...:happycry: --- 50x50px Emoticon  Now we temporarily live in an apartment of my grandmother, while my new home is still under repair. In my grandmother's apartment I have a bad network and does not have a Wi-Fi, so I can't access the Internet. (And I have no time, desire and energy to go to the cafe, where a free wi-fi, although it does not allow me to enter the DeviantArt because of some law. I hate it.Angry Mabel) Fortunately, I now have a temporary wi-fi when my parents really need this to order something for a new
:iconnaughtykittydv-1992:NaughtyKittyDV-1992 1 15
Guys, please listen to music about Melandia!!!
Melandia the lonely girl theme!!! Don't forget what she is creepypasta!
So what are you think friends???
:iconden999zalgo:Den999Zalgo 2 12
Sombra by Cursed-Girl Sombra :iconcursed-girl:Cursed-Girl 6 0 Stop fighting you two by Cursed-Girl Stop fighting you two :iconcursed-girl:Cursed-Girl 7 3
The ghost child (Melandia creepypasta)

It happened when I was 14 years old, my parents thought it would be a good idea that I should stay at my friend's house. Since they were going out of town on business. 
I started to walk down the street that seems dark and eerie, while suddenly I saw a little girl about 10 years old. She was dressed in purple pajamas. She walked in front of me. I ignored her and walked past her. 
My friends weren’t home, so I returned home. I closed the door, went upstairs and heard loud footsteps coming from my bedroom, I opened my door and looked around but I didn’t see anything it was dark there I closed the door, so I went downstairs to get something to eat. I went to the kitchen and looking to see what I could find then I heard the loud footsteps again, but now sounding like it came from the guest room. I went back upstairs and saw that the door to the guest room was already open, and childish giggles came from there. 
The room w
:iconden999zalgo:Den999Zalgo 11 21
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LiaWorlds's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Howdy !
My name is Lia, I'm 15 y/o, I'm French and I've no idea how to describe myself !

Sooo, as you had probably see, I'm an artist but I just started so yeah .. My art is pretty bad x')
I started drawing seriously last year to be honest :0 !! If you have any advices for me I'll be more than happy to hear it !!!
Anyways, I would like to thanks here all the people who puts my art in their favorites and the poeple who watches me ! ;w;
I'm really gratful ;0; !!!
Here on Da I've made so many friend that I really cherish with my life !
But I do not know how to tag them here so yeah ...

_Anyways as for my arts statu _

- ArtTrade : Open
- Request : Close ( Only open fro my close friends ;0; )
- Commision : Open

/!\ I always answer to comments /!\
Thank you a lot if you fav my work and if you watch me <333

Thank you for reading this <3 !!

My icon was found on google
And the draw on my deviant ID was made by Killer0Misaki
( Thanks again for those wonderful drawing girls :D !!!! )


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Capture by LiaWorlds  ( I wanted to have an male oc with long hair x3 ! )
YAY ! New proxy !!!
Well.... It's more like a new type of of proxy but MEH !!

The observers are helping the walker :3 !!! ( I can't say more )
CE - Whimperman
Here my contest Entry for OtterLucy 's contest !

( I made two small backgrounds, I hope it's still okay with the rules ;w; )

Well, it's kind of a comic of Vine's past XD !!!

First pannel : When he get out of the lac and remember everything that happen :
Second pannel : His mouth being stitched
Third pannel : Actual Vine, wich mean the other pannels are just a sort of Flashback ?
Fourth pannel : His heart stop beating after his mouth being stitched.
Fifth pannel : Vine look at the sky at midnight I guess ?


Anyways I hope thatt you'll like it ^^

Lucy's contest :…
Whimperman's reference sheet :…

Art me
Characters OtterLucy 
Story OtterLucy 

Tagged by Ghosty-Doodles 

Teddy was TaggedI was tagged by LoudFizzyPop I am a dummy! 
#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

1. Teddy was kept inside his house for years, so he has no knowledge of things like the internet.
2. His color vision is pretty wonky, he sees regular colors out of his left eye and inverted colors in his right eye.
3. Has a crush on Winter5587's Jonathan
4. He's extremely scared of fireworks.
5. He has no actual powers at the moment, though in the future he'll figure them out.
6. The soul of his mother inhabits his teddy bear, Eddie Teddy.
7. He was homeschooled by his mother before she died.
8. His father worked for Zalgo as an informant but was soon executed for ha

#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.




1 _ Boogeyman is a genderfluid, wich mean it can change it gender. However, people most refer it as a " him/he " Because BM always take a male looking appearence
2_ The real Boogeyman is lock up in a chruch where he is unable to leave until a special person has been released
3_ He actually had a heart once but he simply destroy it after he learns that he has been cheated on 
4_ Boogeyman will kill the children that are up and out of their bed after 7 pm ( If they are, he'll make them have nightmares and feed on it )
5_ He is a rapist. ( He usually eat his victims right after tho )
6_ In an AU, he is the one who raised Dr.Edward, Both shared a very cute and sweet " father / son " relationship = Edward actually acts like a normal human ( = " have " emotions, feelings / Show them )
7_ Bm tries to act like a gentleman all the time but this is only to hide his beatful persona
8_ He can be VERY lazy when he doesn't want to do something you might have ask him 

Tagged by CartoonistGhost 

Tagged for the 4th time: 8 random facts about RimaTagged by :IconGhosty-Doodles:
#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.
Here we go! 8 random facts about Rima a.k.a The little girl with 2 mouths

1. Rima is really into Lolita fashion or anything cute to wear.
2. She is known to scratch at her whip marks or wounds when worried, upset, or scared but it's only the recent ones
3. She loves to hangout with :IconNoBunSu:'s OC's Trick and Treat
4. In her previous life before she came to the woods around holidays like her Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, etc. instead of beating her 3 times a day, her mother would beat and whip her 24/7.
5. Her father eventually hung himself because he felt guilty for what he did to his daughter.
6. As she got older, she started to get timid and shy because Emma's teeth started to get sharper in fear of Emma ripping someones arm off: 

#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.



1_ Silent Nurse is Dr.Fran step sister. Back then, Karita was really protective of her and this is something that never have change between them
2_ When she was alive she worked at the Weidmann's hospital however when the second World War arrived, she was forced to joined the german's army. That when she first started to work for Dr.Edward who was known as the Dr.Hannibal and with her step sister , Karita ( Dr.Fran )
3_ She is always with three Mad Nurses that was gifted to her by Fran when she wokes up from her comatose state
4_ Silent Nurse's husband was Grim and Lys is her daughter :  [ CP/ Horror OC sketch ] Grim and Lys by LiaWorlds
5_ She is very manipulative and always make sure that people like her so she can control them and make sure they don't leave or betray her. This is what she did to Grim, she mades him dependent of her, he NEEDS her )
6_ Silent Nurse hates being alone, that why she always have her pet nurses with her
7_ She can also be call " The White Death "
8_ In the futur, she will wear an eye patch because she will have one of her eye back after the real " Ed " has been released.

Now it's tagging time ! ( You are not abligate to do it ! )

OtterLucy : Inverno 
Psycho-Blood : Temza >:3
xXLadyAgonyXx : Max/ Andy or Aela
EvilCharlotte : Marianne
Lisa44412 : Molly
Den999Zalgo : I really want to know more about Haruno.Exe !
Ansalagon : Athereon !!!!
The-Dream-Land-Crew : Gun Girl <3

EDITED : 2 more tagged  

Tagged by Psycho-Blood 

Got tagged...fuuuuuuuuuuuu-I got tagged by ze epic LiaWorlds 
#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

TEMZA ----> New OC - Temza (!NOT A CP OC!) [Updated] (You can see more different facts on her ref)
- Even tho her boyfriend is a complete yandere she still luvs him to death >///>
- She doesnt eath much wich brings her to get very sick often, but her chubby body hides a fact that she doesnt eat up
- Her hair is originally black but she colored it dark purple
- Her bangs are long and go till her nose wich make her eyes not visible to others, her eyes are dark brown
- Even tho she doesnt eat much she loves to try different foods from other parts of world
- She never met her real parents, she was raised by lady Jelena
- On college she is sometimes being

#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.


1_ Just like any other Mad Nurses they are corrupted to the core but they still obey to their masters
2_ Unlike the other, they were made specially of Silent Nurse, they complete her weaknessess, for exemple, Silent Nurse is blind ( she can only see figure when things are near her ) but her nurses can see BUT they have a very bad earing.
3_ Those nurses are with Silent Nurse since the very begin, even when they were alive, they didn't really leave her
4_ Silent Nurse use them to chase her victims around, not because she can't run but simply because she makes them exercice a little bit so they stay strong and " healthy "
5_ They unable to talk, the only time they make sound is when they spot a victims, they'll start laughing/ breathing and screaming loudly wich will alaert Sn of the victims presence
6_ They are jerking if they don't move, it's just like they have spasm
7_ They are cannibals
8_ When they were alive they were war nurses

Tagged by xXLadyAgonyXx 

TaaaaaaaaaggedSooo got tagged twice
#1. Post these rules.
#2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
#3. Tag 8 other creators.
#4. Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

First, I was tagged by LiaWorlds who wanted to know a bit more about either Max, Andy or Aela. I think I'll go with Andy since I have very little info out on him right now 7v7b
-Andy has a rather large family with 4 sister and one brother, all from the same mother and father. They all live in the same household which did cause Andy to have less attention.
-Andrew suffers from a condition called Alexithymia. He unable to feel deep emotion or real attachment to others, including his own family. Max is near enough the only person he finds himself attached to, really. Max gets him-
-Andy has quite the interest in hard Vorarephilia. He doesn't want to be swallowed whole, but more so he wants to be ripped apart. 
-Andy was actually almost a victim of Max, but it was Andy who approac



1_ She is a pureblood vampire, it mean that she is born from two vampires, and she was not bite
2_ Mercy is a very sweet and careful person, however she is very clueless and doesn't seem to have the knowledge of what death is
3_ She is 500 y/o , for a vampire, it's rather young
4_ Just like any vampire she can't expose her skin to the sun or she'll burn, she can't make any contact with the water if she doesn't use a special plant
5_ She can't enter into a chruch, the gargoyles make her leave everytimes [ they emit a loud and strident scream that only Mercy can hear,( as a warning for her to leave ) wich will lead her to run away ]
6_ Van Hellsing, a vampire hunter chase her, this is why her butler, maids don't want her out and panick each time they don't found her in their hidden manor
7_ She is never mad or upset, she can only fake it tho when she does this, she scared herself...
8_ She is afrait of spider, she'll froze if she see one and run away/ jump out a window if you bring it to her 

( I'll spare you from ze tag lol XD )


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