Resource Rules

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Deviation Actions

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Here are some simple rules to follow. Note that the rules are subject to change.

You May Do The Following:
- Add them your fav/collection on deviantart account.
- Credit me, by linking back to me, for providing you the resource to use and learn from.
- Send me a note to tell me that you have used any of my resources.

You May Not Do The Following:
- Redistribute them through forums; online journals/blogs; resource/tutorial/stock websites.
- Rip and try to pass it off as your own work.
- Making profit of my hard work (i.e.: Selling them as they are for money.)
© 2009 - 2021 Liasmani
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Outstanding, thank you very much for sharing, I am just learning Adobe photoshop 2015.5 and Lightroom.  I like to see others examples to get an idea of color matches. Your really have an excellent Gallery.  I think to how long it takes me to create just a couple.  Great job!!  
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Great stock, thank you for sharing! What is your policy on artwork prints, meaning artworks where your stock ( = gradients) has been used: do you allow use of your gradients in commercial prints, also outside DA? Meaning the use of your stock as part of the artwork print, not to sell your stock as it is! ;) (Wink) I'm asking just in case I ever want to sell one or more of my own personal artworks outside DA.
bd670816's avatar
can i use your gradient for making textures and sell them (textures) on microstock sites ??
it 's so nice ~
Could I add your Gradients on my site? I have a GFX site and I would like to provide your gradients for all my users to use. It will have it's own thread, I will put your name in the thread and I will also link back to your pack.
langenr's avatar
Thanks! I can't wait to use them!
sorry for the question: may I use your gradients in my commercial website ? I'm not a webdesigner but I own a commercial website. Thansk for clarification and thank you very much
Liasmani's avatar
Use as in how?
very elegant gradients. Many thabks for sharing
Liasmani's avatar
Thanks. Yu are very welcome.
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I love your gradient shades and they are beautiful. I respect your copy rights and will do as you ask. But what if I upload a photo of mine, ofcourse i will credit you on :devart: but what if I upload it on my blog using yoru gradient shades? It is also obligatory for to credit you there? Thank you. Of course, I respect your decision.
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The end products of what you made from using my gradient is yours. Resource credits would be nice.
PrincessTales's avatar
Ok I will respect that.
Sunira's avatar
Very reasonable. Thank you for your hard work!
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