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General Guidelines

I. You are completely free to join!
II. You can submit any kind of art, of course if it contains Liara in any way. Only members can submit.
III. One submission per day for every member.
IV. Please, choose the proper folder from listed below:

There are three separate folders for traditional or digital drawing and painting that are completed artworks.
:bulletblue: Liara drawings for works with Liara presented single or with other characters excluding Shepard. For this couple there exist two other folders.
:bulletblue: Liara . FemShep drawings there go the artworks presenting female Shepard with Liara...
:bulletblue: Liara . MaleShep drawings ... and here go these with male Shepard with her.

:bulletblue: Literature short stories, huge sagas, poems. Everything that is made by written word.

:bulletblue: Artisan Crafts Liara also loves costumes for cosplays, plushies, sculptures and a lot of other form of art that include in Artisan Crafts category.

:bulletblue: Comic strip comics, funny or serious, doesn't matter as far as Liara is a character in it.

:bulletblue: Sketchbook for WIPs and sketches, linearts, also unfinished work have their place here.

:bulletblue: Wallpapers is you want your work decorate someone else's desktop you may upload it here. Attention: only artworks in proper sizes for desktop resolution will be accepted. It mustn't have all sizes available, but must fit at least one of existing. If it doesn't it isn't a wallpaper at all.

:bulletblue: 3D and Photomanipulation

:bulletblue: 3D and Photomanipulation _mature art_

:bulletblue: Other anything else, that doesn't fit elsewhere, just like signatures, stamps, animations etc.

Gallery Folders

liara and male shepard by brinx-II
liara and female shepard by brinx-II
Miss you, Shepard. by ka4xid
Liara Tattoo Design by OrbitalWings
Liara drawings
Liara by point-maitimo
Little Wing by Falaryen

Mature Content

Nude Liara T'Soni - Colored by dAdrianArts
Liara T'Soni by Less-L
Liara . FemShep drawings
Liara's World by Kinnebrand

Mature Content

Valentine's day shiara by Less-L
2018 shiara by Less-L
[Mass Effect] Shiara Hanukkah by Qursidae
Liara . MaleShep drawings
Shepard Montage in Ink by Cyberborg
Mass Effect - You are my Heart. by Philizius
Mass Effect - Spec Ops Trio by Seracen
K y L 2-9-14 by Maiqueti

Mature Content

Mature Content

Artisan Crafts
Liara by LadyArcade
Liara dog tags by Katlinegrey
femShepard and Liara dogtags by Katlinegrey
'Liara' dog tag by Katlinegrey
Comic Strip
A slave...or a pet chapter 1 - page 10 by garrus368
Back To Grissom Academy 5 by Zapzzable100
Liara In - Bad For The Body, Good For The Soul by Rastifan
Liara's Varren by dAdrianArts

Mature Content

It looks good on you by dAdrianArts
Liara Sketches by wikdValkyrie
Asari Sketch by masscomics
Nighmare by LuckyFK
New Years 2017   1-1-2017 by blw7920
Shepard And Liara A Painting by oggepoggelj
Liara X Juliet   ASARI-ROMANCE  11-13-2016 by blw7920
Liara T'Soni  GREEN LANTERN  Sector 3358  10132016 by blw7920
3D and Photomanipulation
Let's Hit The Shower by BarbDBarb
Ducks And Drakes by BarbDBarb
When The Sun Goes Down by BarbDBarb
Roll Past by DragonianFantasy
3D and Photomanipulation _mature art_

Mature Content

Dark Series - Liara and Femshep IX by BarbDBarb
Catwoman and Liara 2 by NakedSnake1862

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This is a place where you can show love for Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect. Join and share your addiction with the community!

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