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Hunger Games-Katniss and Peeta

A little sketch of Katniss being annoyed at Peeta. Which, really, means it could take place in just about any scene in the Hunger Games
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I really like your use of colors here. The shading is very beautiful and I even like the white spaces. Brilliant atmosphere.
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Thanks so much! Glad you like it!
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so pretty ^.^ like the watercolor work
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I love the colors!
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Thanks! Colour's one of those things that gives me trouble, so sometimes it works best to just have a really simple scheme and do it boldly.
HeartBeatingForArt's avatar
So pretty! I think it's awsome! :)
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Thanks so much! :)
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hahaha, oh goodness, I love this book series. You drew them really well!
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Thanks so much! It's a great series.
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have you read the whole series?
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Yes, a-ma-zing. :) I know people are pretty polarized on Mockingjay, but I thought it was brilliant!
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I know, I mean, yeah, there were a few problems with it. But as a whole, it was very good.
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I'm such a nitpicker that I don't think I've ever read a book I _didn't_ find a few problems with. But I think Suzanne Collins is such a brutal, amazing author!
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Oh defiantely, I hope she writes other books. I'd like to see what other ideas she has.
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Have you read her Gregor series? It's for a younger readership, but I think it's just as brilliant and hard-hitting.

I spend so much time talking up her books to people, I should be getting paid for this :)
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