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Anime Couple

This drawing is pretty self-explanatory. I finished it on September 4, 2005. I used a reference picture for the couple found here: [link] I drew this on a program called MSPaint. Pretty basic stuff. :D Took me probably 3-4 hours total.
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May I use it for an e-book cover? Thanks :)
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really good folds in the clothes well done with the hair!
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isnt this full moon?? well this was a pose tht Eichi and Misuki did in the 2nd book
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Wow This is AMAZING i love the background and the shading of the hair is so well done 8D *claps * great job
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Wow, that's an amazing job! Especially since you did it on MS Paint!
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you used PAINT to do this?

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i would like to draw a picture with the same positions but different people. can i do that?
this is gorgeous...
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awww full moon :3
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holy cow! you did this on MSPaint?

wow; I struggle to draw a circle on that! Even with the "draw circle" tool:P
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Oh sheet I stated the obvious. LOL!, Sorry yea it looks really good. but why is the hair black D8
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Looks like Full moon o sagashite. O.o?
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it seems so sweet:) nice work:)
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thats eichi and mitsuki from full moon. eichi's hair isnt black...
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yeah i know, i just thought the couple looked cute (the pose) and i wanted to put in my own colors into it (i tend to lean towards neutral/dark colors than pastels and bright colors). in other words, i did not want to make an exact replica of the drawing.
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I think that was a good idea. Make it your own! XD
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Amazing job! It's really amazing what people can do on MSpaint! :clap:
hey tahts really nice ..i actually drew the same thing..but ur color is so much better = )
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awwwwww so cute....i wish i was her!
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Nice pic! The background's really awesome and suitable for them. ;P
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