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2019.5.22 by Liang-Xing
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Hello everyone,I'm an artist from China.I'm creating PSD, high res jpg, video process,nsfw,yuri and other lot of things
If you like my works,you can support me on my patreon.
I will draw at least 5-6 works for my dear patrons per month,including 3-4nsfw,1 yuri,5-6 video process.your support is my motivation!~ I will work harder on this!
If you want to access the previous rewards, please find them on my Gumroad.

2019 April Content 

Chunli by Liang-Xing  Bride 2B by Liang-Xing  Ada Wong by Liang-Xing  Bride 2b black by Liang-Xing 

Mature Content

Camie by Liang-Xing

Mature Content

Pharah dva mercy Bunny Girl by Liang-Xing

 2019 March Content

Claire by Liang-Xing   Bride Mercy by Liang-Xing  Mera by Liang-Xing  Battle Angel Alita by Liang-Xing  

Mature Content

Genji X Mercy by Liang-Xing

2019 February Content 

Ada Wong by Liang-Xing  Happy new year by Liang-Xing  Kda Dva by Liang-Xing  Kda Widowmaker by Liang-Xing   Kda Dva Widowmaker by Liang-Xing

2019 January Content

Sheriff Ashe by Liang-Xing  Ashe Bunny Girl by Liang-Xing  Spider Gwen by Liang-Xing  Mccree X Ashe by Liang-Xing  Ashe Pharah tracer widowmaker by Liang-Xing

2018 December Content 

Christmas Brigitte by Liang-Xing   Mercy by Liang-Xing   Kda Kaisa by Liang-Xing   Kda Evelynn by Liang-Xing  Merry Christmas by Liang-Xing

2018 November Content
Happy Halloween! by Liang-Xing  Ashe by Liang-Xing   KDA Akali by Liang-Xing   KDA Ahri by Liang-Xing  Kda by Liang-Xing

2018 October Content 
Bowsette by Liang-Xing  Dva by Liang-Xing  Mercy by Liang-Xing  Mercy by Liang-Xing  Cheongsam Dva by Liang-Xing  Booette Bowsette Peach by Liang-Xing

2018 September Content

Shooting Star by Liang-Xing  A2 by Liang-Xing  Mercy on a Motorcycle by Liang-Xing  Dva by Liang-Xing  Daily sketch by Liang-Xing  Do you miss me? by Liang-Xing  Dva's Nano Cola by Liang-Xing  Overwatch by Liang-Xing

2018 August Content

Summer by Liang-Xing .Dva by Liang-Xing . Mulan with Mushu by Liang-Xing   Jaina by Liang-Xing .

Mature Content

Tracer X Emily by Liang-Xing

2018 July Content

2B Bunny Girl by Liang-Xing   Gantz dva by Liang-Xing  Albedo by Liang-Xing  Snow Queen Mercy by Liang-Xing  DARLING in the FRANXX by Liang-Xing

 2018 June Content

Maidservant by Liang-Xing Brigitte by Liang-Xing  Next, miracle! by Liang-Xing . ZERO TWO by Liang-Xing . mercy X dva Yuri by Liang-Xing

  2018 May Content

Cindy by Liang-Xing  ZERO TWO by Liang-Xing 

Mature Content

Noctis X Luna by Liang-Xing
  Ballet dancer Dva by Liang-Xing  Mercy by Liang-Xing 

  2018 April Content 

Cheerleader by Liang-Xing  Stand By Me by Liang-Xing  Brigitte by Liang-Xing's daily life by Liang-Xing  

Mature Content

Classroom by Liang-Xing

  2018 March Content

2B Mercy by Liang-Xing  Brigitte by Liang-Xing White cat by Liang-Xing  Lara by Liang-Xing  Mercy by Liang-Xing  

Mature Content

widowmaker X Nova by Liang-Xing

  2018 February Content Black Cat by Liang-Xing  Dva by Liang-Xing  sombra X widowmaker by Liang-Xing  Widowmaker by Liang-Xing  Idol singer Mercy by Liang-Xing

 2018 January Content

Gantz Mercy by Liang-Xing  Ciri by Liang-Xing  Soldier 76 by Liang-Xing  Mercy X Hanzo Yuri by Liang-Xing  Officer Mercy by Liang-Xing  
2017 December Content 
Christmas Mercy by Liang-Xing  Surprise! by Liang-Xing Rem by Liang-Xing Fiora by Liang-Xing  Hanzo by Liang-Xing 

Mature Content

GANTZ:O Yuri by Liang-Xing

 2017 November Content 
Magica by Liang-Xing  Magica Mercy by Liang-Xing  Magica Widowmaker  by Liang-Xing  In This Moment by Liang-Xing  Magic Mercy design by Liang-Xing  Magica Widowmaker Design by Liang-Xing 

Mature Content

Bunny Girl Mercy X Dva by Liang-Xing

2017 October Content  

 Racing by Liang-Xing Mei Halloween Terror 2017 by Liang-Xing League of Legends Arcade Hero by Liang-Xing  Star Guardian by Liang-Xing Halloween Mercy by Liang-Xing 

2017 September Content   

    Another dream by Liang-Xing Tifa by Liang-Xing A2 X 2b by Liang-Xing  Lightning by Liang-Xing  Overwatch Pool Party by Liang-Xing  

2017 August Content

Widowmaker's new summer skin by Liang-Xing   Winged Victory by Liang-Xing   For the Glory of Mankind by Liang-Xing  Sombra by Liang-Xing  Bomb! by Liang-Xing    Criminal Junkrat X officer Yuri by Liang-Xing            
2017 July Content
 Ana by Liang-Xing  Dream by Liang-Xing  Don't cry my little sister by Liang-Xing  Mecry IMP by Liang-Xing  Now we just wait. by Liang-Xing       

2017 June Content

Tharja by Liang-Xing  Overwatch:Different Life by Liang-Xing  Ruler Jeanne d'Arc by Liang-Xing School uniforms by Liang-Xing  The setting sun of  ilios by Liang-Xing X Mei Yuri tag by Liang-Xing          

2017 May Content swimsuit by Liang-Xing by Liang-Xing  Ann Takamaki by Liang-Xing  Mercy by Liang-Xing  Officer by Liang-Xing  Mercy X Pharah yuri tag by Liang-Xing        
2017 April Content

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NekoAlan Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018
Hello, my dear friend I have long ago I follow you in artstation, you have a great way to do, to camp the moment with the characters, you have an excellent content and I like how you do.
charmingccc Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017
TYTontana Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
C'est magnifique, bonne continuation ! Wink/Razz 
Nyesth Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Is there any chance of you to sell your brushes settings on your gumroad? ; u ;
Also I just buyed the july content! It's so nice to watch the process of your art > w <
DustbunnyArt Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yay! So excited!
BronxBrothers Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Wow Beautiful Talent
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