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Fan art for DARLING in the FRANXX.This animation is awesome. I really like ZERO TWO!

My dear patrons will get:

 ♥ High-Res

 ♥ Process Steps

 ♥ PSD

 ♥ Video Process


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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 (Macintosh)
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Comments (118)
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Oh this is looking very great! Not even messing around! Keep it up and going okay? Really hope you'll do some swordplay scenes. It's up to you~

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Suiyin02's avatar
Suiyin02|Hobbyist General Artist
Darling in the Franxx Icon 
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RuinHellscythe's avatar
RuinHellscythe|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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IronJustice's avatar
Awesome job!
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roseloverfnaf's avatar
It from that new anime right?
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IronJustice's avatar
What anime is it from?
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CosmiticStrike's avatar
CosmiticStrike|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Darling In The Franxx
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ZeroRite's avatar
that booty
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Halstrom's avatar
Smoking hot :)
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Mangal666's avatar
Mangal666|Hobbyist Artist
Great In Love 
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TheVocaloid1's avatar
Sexy and awesome :wow:
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aciddmaus23's avatar
aciddmaus23|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wicked art!!!!
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Halstrom's avatar
Wow, very well done, awesome work :)
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SolGravionMegazord's avatar
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TobiShunziArts's avatar
TobiShunziArts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The shine on that butt tho. Why do I feel like you spent the most time on it.
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Kataijin's avatar
Kataijin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really nice use of color. The more and more I look at the outfits for this show with all the detail and lines added like in this picture, the more I think of Mass Effect lol.
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PaladinPainter's avatar
PaladinPainter|Professional Digital Artist
Looks great Cat nods 
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templar127's avatar
I must watch this!!
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Zayarts's avatar
ZayartsEdited |Professional Digital Artist
The shine on her butt is PERFECT!!!
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HePhoto's avatar
HePhoto|Hobbyist Photographer
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TMSpringCrank's avatar
TMSpringCrank|Hobbyist Digital Artist
ass of steel
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KilledCZ's avatar
KilledCZ|Hobbyist Artist
This is really cool :)
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