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Hi guys!This is Yaoyorozu Momo,From My Hero Academia.Hope you like it.^_^

Thank you again for your support!

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Well this drew in a lot of angry people (Actually I think it was just one person)

It looks awesome I wish u made saiyan cac xenoverse 2

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Just fell in love with her

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Best Quirk girl.
So many katanas suit her.  

Never seen a more talented artist TBH

That Momo is sexier than a horde of cat girls.
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"dumb ass comment"

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I absolutely adore your work! Very nicely done!
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An assassin who cannot be disarmed because she can generate her own weapons at will.  Formidable!  
Stunningly beautiful and containing drama and power!
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Next uraraka ochako pls
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So yall are gonna ignore the fact that she's only 15 or 16 years old? You, people, are the biggest hypocrites. You are the ones who whine about whenever you read/hear something about child pornography and then go on to accept THIS? 
Skiltron's avatar
Shut the fuck up. She's a drawing.
lischa-A15's avatar

You shut the fuck up. Still won't change the fact that she's underage. Lol? You guys are hypocrites.

Usucbad's avatar

Um, first off she's dressed like that in the show and second she's obviously older here, and the reason I can tell this is because there's really not much of a difference between young adults (18-22) and older teenagers (maybe 15 or 16-17) so you can't tell whether she's meat to be older in this art or not. All the arguments I see from you are "She's still a minor" and "I don't care" and "you're a hypocrite" like is that all you have? If you think this is child porn then why were you looking at it. Why does this even matter? Literally this is a DRAWING. God people like you ruin everything. Calm down, Karen don't talk to us talk to the manager or in this case the artist. Instead of revealing your degeneracy to us so lightly maybe talk to the artist first??

Have to agree with u here, but we only care about the body 😂😂😂

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its a drawing dude.... fictional... non existent.

There are characters drawn like 30 year olds that are 16 and characters drawn like 8 that are 30. It bends reality. Making a rule here due to the age an author gave the character is practically impossible. Also pornography and this is still vastly different. its just revealing clothing.

lischa-A15's avatar
It doesnt matter if its fictional. Its still a child portrayed here. That's what matters. 
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So if the artist of this adds (Adult version) to the title this would immediately be fine or what? Thats stupid.

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