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Tifa Lockhart


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Hi guys!This is another version of  Ashe Swimsuit, I hope you like it.

My dear patrons will get:

 ♥ High-Res

 ♥ Process Steps

 ♥ PSD

 ♥ Video Process

available through my patreon
Tifa by Liang-Xing   Stand By Me by Liang-Xing  Cindy by Liang-Xing  Academy Dva Gif by Liang-Xing  Bride Dva by Liang-Xing  Ashe by Liang-Xing 

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The girl of my dreams

HammerinInkminer's avatar
...I'm not sure that Tifa ever looked better.
00Prime's avatar
Probably my favorite Tifa pinup of all time.
jasaiyajin's avatar

This feels more like Tifa. Maybe it's the angle, maybe not, good job nonetheless.

kingdomheartsventus7's avatar
someone's ready for the final fantasy VII remake to come out!!!!
frostc0r3's avatar

Makes me wish I had an extra genital.

ILoveSuccubus's avatar
Her skirt is so short it doesn't even cover up her butt. lol
Pooandpeepee2's avatar
She reminds me of my crush just a bit
Djjacob1954's avatar
Love her big booty.
damnthatsgoodart's avatar
*sigh* 𝐙𝐈𝐏
Crubitz's avatar
Favourite FF Girl, this looks amazing.Love 
JS2080's avatar
Cloudyfan's avatar
Waow ! Great Tifa ! ^^
Evgeny-R's avatar
Cool style, very beautiful!  
beakboy's avatar
FKDemetri's avatar
Really lovely piece here~ 
aexons's avatar
141188's avatar
AlphaDeltaZeta's avatar
Lovely illustration of Tifa.

Despite living in a dangerous world looking Tifa makes me feel at peace. Wonderful work. Keep it up. =)
ckratosc's avatar
Hot and Hot AND HOT!!!!
Yasuki-Konno's avatar
Simply put one of the most smooth yet firm rendition of Tifa Lockheart-sama period.

I Really LOVE how you realized her tank top with ridge ribbed fabric, it only complements her healthy physique and graceful demeanor much more than the original games themselves (which only used smooth texture and did not have the feel of comfy cloth) Just PERFECT! :star::heart::star:

Hope to see you do more artwork of her in this fashion! Keep up the stellar work!
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