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The setting sun of ilios

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 Fan art for overwatch~   
 My dear patrons will get:
 ♥ High-Res
 ♥ Process Steps
 ♥ PSD
 ♥ Video Process
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I love the blue skin.
Rewiko's avatar
The background looks like Santorini. I haven't played the game. Beautiful piece of art.
PaladinPainter's avatar
You did a good job there What? 
HiyaBud's avatar
This is awesome!!! :)
JAMGGamer's avatar
Sexy girl :D (Big Grin) Meow :3 Heart +fav 
baldferretgraphics's avatar
UTFanGirl10's avatar
I love how her wings look more transparent instead of like lights
shavalitah's avatar
mercy looks outstanding with her hair down <3
realfans's avatar
Noodle-sama's avatar
It's nice.. A great skin for Mercy !
ZealShadowbane's avatar
I wish I was as good at realistic animation as you are.
llindmeier7's avatar
MykaMaelstrom's avatar
*Lucio proceeds to boop her off*
CraftJensin's avatar
no pls dun ruin it
Pastoral01's avatar
Beautiful work!
ericjason1976's avatar
mercy, mercy, me!!!!!
Hammerhead333's avatar
salyssong's avatar
The reason I play OW:
I love the detail.
AnimePessimist's avatar
Holy crap.
I'm usually a Tracer fan, but...
Justexplosions's avatar
I wanna play overwatch.
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