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Overwatch Pool Party

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Let's have a party to end this wonderful summer!~  

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Another dream by Liang-Xing  Widowmaker's new summer skin by Liang-Xing swimsuit by Liang-Xing  Now we just wait. by Liang-Xing  For the Glory of Mankind by Liang-Xing 
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Yayy, Tracer! xD
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Who's the blonde girl from the left (the one with the hat and the gun)? It is McCree? But, McCree is brunette, not blonde!
Never heard about the lifeguard skin?
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I can recognize Sombra, Mei,, Tracer, Mercy, Symmetra and Widowmaker.... Who are the others? (From left to right, please)...
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Genji , Hanzo  and Pharah.

Love the work!
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Fun little concept. It's nice seeing all the girls together and having fun like this.
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I don't even know what overwatch is, but based solely on this picture, i came up with zodiac signs for each person here.
from left to right:
leo (the one in the center oc, lol)
aquarius (in the distance)
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(over)watch out guys! Sombra's got a megaphone! She'll shatter your eardrums!
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This is really disappointing!! I wanted to see Winston!!!
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i like that all the overwatch characters are just generic anume girls 
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The girls night out
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Awww look at that Widowmaker!  Free Widowmaker Sugar Icon by sei-chizu  
You have placed Tracer to hide his temporal regulator!
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I like it,It is nice in this picture is also good feeling, cute and sexy.
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I like these girls (including McCree, Hanzo, and Genji are GENDERBENT!)
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Такое ощущение что художник кроме баб,ничего рисовать и не умеет.
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