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Fan art for Final Fantasy 13

 My dear patrons will get:
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A2 X 2b by Liang-Xing  Another dream by Liang-Xing  Officer by Liang-Xing  Dream by Liang-Xing  Overwatch Pool Party by Liang-Xing 
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like style the way she poses🇬🇷

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Gorgeous and powerfully sexy
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THIS IS SO GOOD oh my gooood I'm crying
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Reminds me of the Taimanin Asagi suits.
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That's so wonderful!
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Oh gosh how superb! Well done here! Keep on working at what you love to do~ Hope you'll look into doing more dynamic poses and such~ I looked into stuff like these lately. Hope these will help you.…

I'm only trying to help, it's just suggestions really. But overall your doing just great on your own:)
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nice workClap Clap Clap Clap 
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That stolen pose from PROJECT: Fiora...
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Eerily similar to Project Fiora's splash art... 
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Hey! I'm doing a class project called Genius Hour, it's one hour every Friday to use to find out about your passion and what you can do to improve something. Being here on DeviantArt, mine's obviously art. One of my monthly goals is to find someone here who had really good art and have them tutor me. I don't have a tablet, all I have is a government phone, a Dell laptop, and a Lenovo computer. Do you think you can help or giver me tips on how to get better at art? My final product will hopefully be able to draw a GOOD, REALISTIC wolf. I'm horrible at realism and I can only draw the at the moment. Thanks for reading this! You get 200 awesome points! 😜
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Something about your passion, give, the eye, and has, that is.
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This looks quite beautiful!! la in love la in love la in love  
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The LR outfit is awful and LR!Lightning sucks. I only care for XIII-1!Lightning.
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