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Gantz O

Fan art for Gantz:O
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Very nice job

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The Gantz series was waaay better than the severely shortened movie version, Gantz:0, which was actually supposed to be a prequel to the series that was done after the series. It was really just an improved art version done to try & revive the series but failed to do so because people who saw the series thought it was too exact of a copy to be enjoyable - but they failed to understand that it was demonstrating that every itteration of the Gantz "game" is almost exactly the same because the Gantz sphere is cheating by controlling it all too much which is to say more than not at all! It really is an awesome idea & a new series would have been amazing if only people had caught on to the clue given first in the series "Gantz" & then repeated in the movie "Gantz:0".

Uufff... Es muy linda

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Loved the Movie and was so surprised at the end...
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It's a zero, actually.  There was a movie done in 3D called Gantz:0 (zero).  It's on Netflix (or at least it was).
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I looked it up. Looks interesting!
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A lovely piece ! :)
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that latex is awsome
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Gantz:O was awesome. I didn't even know what it was then I watched it on Netflix and loved it. Very nice art.
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Jesus freaking christ. I just can't. I would freaking FFFUUCKK the shit outta her.
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Nice drawing! The girl is a hottie, too :)
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nice i love gantz and i hope that someone will make an complete anime version XD
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Omg I love Gantz it is so cool and I love what you did it’s amazing 😉 
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Pretty sweet pose you pulled off here.
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That is a great piece all the way around
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she's is so cute and sexy!,Awesome work! Kao Emoji-91 (In love) [V5] 
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