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Ruler Jeanne d'Arc by Liang-Xing  Tharja by Liang-Xing  Overwatch:Different Life by Liang-Xing  The setting sun of  ilios by Liang-Xing 

Mature Content X Mei Yuri tag by Liang-Xing

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🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸 the character is looking back at every screen 📺

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I'm getting Korean Drama flashbacks...

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Somebody Reposted your Art in their own profile:

Dva uniform 1.0
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hey nice great artwork xd all perfect kool xd
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Wow, awesome work ! Im currently making a poster for an Overwatch tournament, can i use this drawing ?
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dva is so cute in this aaaaaa
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Very interesting drawing
Amazing work, hope you get a position on the Overwatch Art team.
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Very nice😍😍😍😍😍
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Absolutely Stunning work!!
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Fucking cute! I want to my wife.
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A gamer wife. LOL
Kinda almost wish there was a version of this with Tracer in a similar uniform...

Seriously Blizzard, this pic is a fine example as to why there should be a full-on school-themed set of skins for Overwatch - give D.Va, Tracer, Mei, Sombra, and Zarya various schoolgirl uniforms, place Widowmaker in a librarian getup, and dress up Mercy as a sexy teacher. And let's not forget the guys either - Make 76 the principal, Reaper the art teacher (have him wearing an apron covered in paint splotches and splotches all over his duds), and Doomfist as a PE teacher, meanwhile most of the others like Lucio, McCree, Hanzo, Bastion (which would be silly/cute), Roadhog, and Junkrat all dressed in schoolboy uniforms, in particular Junkrat doing his best bancho impression with his hair up in a pompadour with a cherry bomb sticking out the end.
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nah mate
reaper would be the pe teacher
No, nah... Doomfist with those abdominals and that with sweet vertical leap would be a perfect choice as a PE teacher, while Reaper... Reaper is so dark... HE JUST HAS TO EXPRESS HIMSELF!! HE IS A CREATIVE SOUL!! HE... HE HAS TO PAINT A LITTLE BUNNY... Horrible Wrath
Heh, I know. :3
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this is so atmospheric and beautiful i absolutely love the background!! *-*
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