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Please follow my rules :dalove:

:bulletblack: Credit me by my deviantart name if you're using my stocks and  link back to my dA page.

Bullet; Black If you use my stock, please leave a comment to your creation! I would be happy to see the finished Artwork!

Bullet; Black If you want to use my stock for commercial use, please contact me. :)

Bullet; Black You can post your work off-site but you have to credit me.

Bullet; Black Don't use my stock for illegal, animalabusive, racist, pornographic or violent works.

For photomanipualtions/ digital art:

Bullet; Black You are NOT permitted to replace the face of my stocks by another and not to use only parts (like a dress, necklace, hair or something else..)

For traditional works (drawings, paintings, sketches):

Bullet; Black You can use my stocks however you want to - As pose references and stuff like that. You have all the artistic freedom you want, but at least the face should look like me somehow.

If anything is unclear, feel free to ask.

I'm looking very much forward to see your work! :heart:

Thank you. :rose:

- Liancary

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- Text from Maria Amanda (changed)

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mostly-blue's avatar
can i use your stock just to reference/sample only small parts? like just a shoe/hand/etc
i need it for cheap commissions(under 100$). ty!
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If I use a photo for reference for a painting, should I buy a limited license for the image if I want to be able to offer prints? Do you ever do packs of photos in a license? There are a few different ones I would like to have for reference and wanted to make sure everything is on the up and up if I ever want to offer prints in my store.
Liancary-art's avatar
Hey you, it's okay! Unfortunately I don't offer packs yet but I will think about it.
Limited license means that the stock photo disappears from deviantart after you've bought it. You have all rights on the photo then and you do not need to credit me anywhere.
The normal commercial license is to pay 10% after someone bought your print. :aww:

Best Wishes, Lia :heart:
ninicaa's avatar
Hey, Can I use your stock for a book cover?
I will post the manipulation on my DA with the link to your profile..

(sorry my english, im brasilian =P)
Liancary-art's avatar
Hey you :) If you want to sell your book cover afterwards I have to charge 6 € (8 usd) for the use of it :)
you can send it right there: www.paypal.me/liancary

best wishes and good customers for you <3
angeliquedesigns's avatar
Thank you for this information, but could it be put in the note itself? =)
ninicaa's avatar
Hello, I am brazilian and for me it gets tricky to use this system , but I'll see what I can do. Thank you!
DigitalButterflyy's avatar
Hi, I love your stock and would like to use it very much. I just uploaded/entered my first Book Cover Challenge yesterday and I look forward to the next one. If I used your stock I would definitely credit you here on DA and add your name and website info inside the metadata for the final image.... would that be ok? Here is the link to the one I finished yesterday... TANGERINE WORLD

Your stock is just beautiful! :)
Liancary-art's avatar
Yeah, thats absolutely okay! Thank you :heart:
DigitalButterflyy's avatar
Yay!! Tight Hug I'll let you know when I use one. Thanks again for all your efforts here on DA. It really helps so much. :+fav:
yunkaerphotographic's avatar
If I want to use your stock as my book cover on Wattpad is that considered as commercial?
Liancary-art's avatar
No :heart: use it, would love to see the finished piece!
setelani's avatar
Hi! I'm very inspired of your stock photos. I'm a beginning photoshop artist from Finland, inspired by scifi and fantasy. No one is yet paying anything for my art, but just in case someday someone would, if I happen to create art using your stock photo or two, would it be ok? Of course with proper credits and link backs :)
Liancary-art's avatar
of course ! it's okay :)
setelani's avatar
That's great! I posted my first creation as a comment to your beautiful image I used :)
FMNelly's avatar
Would it be ok to post any digital art or photomanipulation work I create to my Fineartamerica website to sell prints? Credit would be given to everyone whose stock I use. You have amazing stock.
Liancary-art's avatar
Of course it's okay :) just send me a link if you have used one of my stocks. :hug:
FMNelly's avatar
Thank you so much. I will definitely post a link to any finished piece
Kim1486's avatar
I'd like to use your stock as a reference for a drawing. Sometimes, people want to buy my art. Would it be a problem?
Liancary-art's avatar
No, of course no problem!
owleyes8's avatar
Can I use your stocks in my stories on Wattpad or other websites to show readers what outfits in my fanfiction would look like?
Liancary-art's avatar
yes :) just credit me
ClockWorkActivates's avatar
Would you mind if I used your stock as character references? (I made a comment on one of your melancholia stocks offhandedly about a character) I'd have to change hair color to make it work, but I'd be sure to credit you!
Liancary-art's avatar
yes, that's absolutely okay :)
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