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Another character/costume design! This is Hazifen (or Hazi), in military service (and in action!)! Much like my previous entry, Mars, Hazi is one of a group of six soldiers whom my novel follows. Hazifen is a young military Captain, loyal to her country but strongly believes that laws and justice are independent of each other.

Hazi part of the story deals with family, identity, and purpose. An an infant she lost her family in a house fire but she has since struggled to connect with this event and has been emotionally distant from it but shortly after joining the army she begins to show obsessive behaviour over trying to make sense of the events.
She was brought up in a convent before being taken in by a close family friend, the Müsir Saydar Hessien. Hazi soon got a taste of military life and loved it, entering the training corps a few years later. She rose through ranks leading many to assume that there was favouritism from the Müsir side.
Hazi specialties is in quick thinking, leadership, and the bow and arrow being her weapon of choice however her tactical skills are limited and influenced by the moment rather than reason. She is often seen to be ferocious and sometimes merciless leading her to have her own struggle with pent up anger and whether or not this is the path she should have chosen.

Reference image credit to SenshiStock

One thing that bugs me about this image is that I didn't draw Hazi with her prosthetic leg, instead drawing her as if she had two full functioning legs. I didn't really know how to draw a prosthetic in a way that would fit in the universe so I stupidly ignored it which was dumb I know. Hopefully next time I draw her I can include it properly.
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I really love this outfit! It's absolutely beautiful.