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Masked Matter-Horn

By liamwhite1
Sorry, guys, I really wanted to have this one out sooner
Please point out the little things, I want it to be perfect


If you use portions or all of this vector in other vector artworks, you MUST provide the link to your source vector for any of your artwork that includes my work. (what?)
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for me twilight is the only and true Masked-Horn! the so call real power ponies are not the real one! twilight and her friends are the real one and look better thos so call real power ponies!
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I made a pixel art of this in Minecraft 360 edition

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Hear, check out my review of the episode, if you want :…
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The tail looks better (more realistic, anatomically correct) the way I placed it there BTW. The animators are quite bad at pinning the tail on the pony. xD
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Um, her goggles overlap with her nose. Other that that, it's perfect :)
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Thanks for the input, I went ahead and fixed this :aww:
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I'm very far from a Twilight Sparkle or a superhero fan, but I do think her costume was fucking awesome in this episode.
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Indeed, Masked Matter-Horn was probably my favorite in appearance but the looks don't mean much.
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Hey Can You Do Humdrum Next?!
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I should point out that Matter-horn's right goggle should be behind her muzzle. Instead it goes under the stroke of that part and over it.
To clarify:

Other than that, nice work! I'm planning to use this one in a future wallpaper, so yeah...
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That's been fixed in the featured art on my main page.
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Not sure where to find that, but you can update this submission's main file.
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This one. It's been a loong time since I posted that comment. Long time.
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Oh, in a collage. No problem though. I can edit the little mishap myself.
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I really like the vectors of the Power Ponies. Will you also do Fluttershy (Saddle Rager) in normal form as shown from the screenshot you supersized?
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I hope to get to it eventually, but I'm still trying to render out a version of the Power Ponies thing with all the glow effects at 12000x21333 pixels like the current version is, but it keeps crashing my computer. The thing is, if you open the source SVG file in Inkscape or Illustrator or whatever, I didn't completely draw Saddle Rager, only the visible portion so far. So that's the holdup I guess.
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Here's a little trick I use when doing exports for DIN A0 prints:

1. Open a terminal.
2. Switch to the directory with the SVG file
3. inkscape --export-png "huge-export.png" --export-dpi=300 file.svg

You can figure out the dpi number using the export gui of inkscape.

It worked for every file I tried ever and it has the advantage of not preventing you from using inkscape while exporting.
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Inkscape continues to segfault.
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