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Update: fixes pointed out by ~imageconstructor


Please, please, please, please, please nitpick, I want these to be perfect because they are a part of a larger project.

Next up is Zap


If you use portions or all of this vector in other vector artworks, you MUST provide the link to your source vector for any of your artwork that includes my work. (what?)
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pinkie pie + gta PCJ600 = PINKIE PIE-600!
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I really wish the whole episode was just about her, Pinkie with super speed rocks!
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I though that perhaps Flutterhulk was best Power Pony
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For me, Flutterhulk was a meh, Fillysecond stole the show for me.
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Oh great, she can already break the 4th Wall and can bend the fabric of time and space. So sure, let's add super-speed to finish the set.

Sonic the Hedgehog, The Flash, Road Runner, Speedy Gonzalez, Dash Parr.

They're all snails compared to her now.
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Great vector :-) Since you asked for  it here comes the nitpicking / suggestions:
If you want me to remove it from my stash just tell me and I will gladly delete it.
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Can you make suggestions for these two as well:
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These are suggestions for AJ:
I'm not really happy with the colors for the dark leg, I will try to learn a filter mapping near colors to far colors later. I did that for mapping nighttime to daytime colors and vice versa and it works like a charm.
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The RGB filters actually vary from pony to pony, like for example, (this is taken from the official Flash game) front coloring to back coloring for Fluttershy is
For Twilight it would be
I think there might be one, consistent for all HSL filter but these are official RGB filters from Hasbro, so, yeah
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I will check if it is (close to) a linear map on friday.

Suggestions for my favorite hero, Radiance:
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I need to figure out how to do Radiance's tail correctly, but other than that, fixed
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I made some suggestions for Zap:

I totally forgot to remove the color guide from the Filli-Second vector file, that's the main reason it is so big.

I also noticed one more thing for Filli-Second: The painting on her costume has outlines, you missed those. Their color is similar to her normal body outline color, but a little bit darker.
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Fixed and fixed, and I know that someone stole my request for the thing but I'm going to continue working at it.
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Holy Object to Path! That's a big vector file! I've downloaded it and you can remove it from your if you wish.

Now I get the pun! 

Filli-Second = Milli-Second!
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