What is your favourite motion book? http://www.deviantart.com/motionbooks/
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MLP - because cute ponies. That move!!!
Treatment. Damn, that's some hardcore shizzle! And - Dave Gibbons! Duh!
Cap Stone. We still love you Liam!
MONO. It's a monkey. And it's a man. It's a monkey-man!
Briar Rose. And Rapunzel. That stuff rocks - in a girl but cool way. I'm not affraid to say it!
Milk for the Ugly. Too awesome! And scary. Plus - goat. Goats are cool. And a bit creepy.
Ugh! Who doesn't love a good light-hearted caveman gag-fest?
Sherlock Holmes. It's Sherlock Holmes for heaven's sake! And it's Bill Sienkiewicz!!! Come on!!!
War in Heaven. Oh man - that stuff is so incredibly EPIC!!!! And scary!!!! Amazing bro.
Other. As always, your choices stink Sharpy. Where's Star Trek? Hellboy? Come on!!!!
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MarvsamuneHobbyist General Artist
Almost all! don´t like ponies
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All damn fine stories. That was a tough choice, but the captain rocks!
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thank you mate! :-)
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To be honest, I love all of the motion books.
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Nice! :D