My favourite music to draw to is
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METAL!!! I like my art to rock as hard as my life does! YEAH!!!
Classical. I can get lost in it for hours, plus it means I'm smart and classy. So there.
Pop! I like my entertainment in easy to digest chunks!
Prog rock. It's like fantasy or sci-fi art - but with words and sound! Plus I like amazing musicianship. Those dudes can play!
RnB. You dig? I'm down with the kids.
Rap. Biatch.
Classic rock. I'm an old dude who liked it when bands could actually play their instruments.
Jazz. I got jazzy hands baby.
Oi! Mr Sharp! What about funk? And soul too. Gotta have soul. And where's the country? And blues baby? You can't narrow this shizzle down bro!
Reggae. I and I say art is green like the soul...
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SeanWolfsonProfessional Traditional Artist
I like Rock and Heavy Metal, but usually I get more inspirated to create with mov soundtracks!
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AlicesWonderHobbyist General Artist
Supermassive Blackhole by Muse :)
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i go harder more energetic music,power metal and the like,love the rush
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Leo-KazisaskiHobbyist General Artist
I mostly listen to J-pop
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Tatong Traditional Artist
mostly metal, death metal... some atmospheric stuffs, movie scores, folk, heck even something like prodigy or from the 90s
depends on the time or mood I think
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Brit Indie. Beatles, Hendrix, The Doors, Elbow, Smiths etc.
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StazJohnsonProfessional Artist
Both kinds, heavy AND metal...(yeah it's an old joke, I know). But actually, that's a complete lie, when I'm working I listen to BBC Radio 5Live (24 hour news & sport), or the directors commentary on some DVD or other.
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IanJMillerProfessional General Artist
I think being a musician makes me unable to listen to music when I work, I usually end up getting way too distracted by it. For me it's talk radio, usually Coast to Coast AM, Opie and Anthony, or Howard Stern depending on what I'm feeling.
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and the stuff between that's hard to categorize...
gypsy folk metal, prog pagan funk rock, sexy egyptian metal rock, obscure rock operas, sea shanties, Epic polka metal, stuff from the 20s, etc.
And then I put it all on random.
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oh, and throw in some industrial.
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TidukProfessional General Artist
I voted metal, but why no techno option? I'm total electro head here.
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tmwillson3Hobbyist General Artist
Just a mix of classical, classic rock, and pop, and I am very happy in my artsy mood :D
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dr-twig17Student Traditional Artist
Metal, rockon!!! Im going to a joe satriani consert on the 20th so its kinda funny u posted this :P
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MrTukeProfessional Digital Artist
Nothing for New Age or (dark) ambient music? For shame!

Voted metal anyway. ; )
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LaceyCrombie Digital Artist
There should be an Ambient/Chill option- That's ALL I can listen to while drawing, else I get very distracted.
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Whatever captures the mood of the drawing. I can't listen to rock without drawing someone with influences of punk
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Didn't vote as it's Other: Eclectic.
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Metal all the time, lol. Also i can choose some songs from other syle, if it would be good.
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DougGarbarkProfessional Digital Artist
Metal. Been listening to the new Born Of Osiris while I color lately.
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GES-whoStudent Traditional Artist
Alternative and Rock definitely! :aww:  And some Movie Soundtracks
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doneganueStudent Traditional Artist
I see not many people use Rap, it's my music of choice to relax and get my creative juices flowing. The beats and thought out lyrical verses help me with inspiration.
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AlphaFrequencyHobbyist General Artist
Def soul. Then some Foo Fighters style rock, rap then classical. It always has that order
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New-AtlasStudent Digital Artist
DUB STEP is all you need :D
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Dragonwarrior-kynaStudent General Artist
Video game soundtracks all the way for me.:iconmegustaplz:
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