Indie comics, superhero comics, digital comics, manga, anime, gaming?
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Indie comics. They are grass-roots, cool, and speak to me. I'm sick of tights and capes!
Superhero comics! They are the myths of the 21st Century! Bam!
Digital comics. It's coming. Don't fight it.
Manga. I love epic, or romantic, or fantastic material. And big eyes. I really like big eyes.
Anime. I like to watch! No time to read...
Gaming! Every time it's a new story, and I'm in it!
All of the above. I never sleep.
Mr. Sharp, stop trying to strap me to a specific medium! All mediums have great and terrible works, you know that! What about illustration?
Why aren't film on this list?
I like cake.
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StarlightMemoriesProfessional Digital Artist
A little of all above! To get some inspiration.
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Tatong Traditional Artist
why no film! hehe... Comics! certainly, yes...  Anime( I don't follow long running series tho... delving much more on OVAs & Feature films). Gaming, Honestly I was inspired by to draw stuffs by video games since I was little, putting up doodles and stories from the likes of Battle City, Mario, & Contra. I stop reading books... lack of time & got other priorities... is there books in the poll? lol and Cake!!! don't like it too sweet tho...
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icenectarHobbyist General Artist

I'm more driven by story although I do get interested in a series based on artwork. I have a cacophony of books. I have the 1st volume of the Spider-Man Omnibus (really want to get volume 2 and the second volume of X-Men. I'd like to get the first but I can't exactly afford over $100 on one book. I got my Spider-Man book for about $67), various newspaper anthologies (Peanuts, Family Circus, Fox Trot, King Aroo, Hagar, Wizard of Id, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side), Some Harvey Comics collections (Hot Stuff, Casper, Richie Rich, etc.), Asterix, and various manga (Black Butler, D.N. Angel, Dears, Get Backers, Demon Diary, Love Hina, Zombie Loan, Sailor Moon, Wild Adapter, Ruroni Kenshin, etc.), and quite a few Archie Comic digests and single comics. All right, so Archie didn't exactly have compelling story-lines and amazing artwork but I enjoyed it. I read them a lot in high school and still pull out my books from time to time and re-read them.


--I know, I am a strange duck.

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SmilinSheckyRimshotHobbyist Traditional Artist
You make me laugh, good sir.
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12jack12Hobbyist Traditional Artist

As long as the story is good and the art is at least fair, the world turns very nice :spin:


I like portable cake, better know as donuts :squee:

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AlphaFrequencyHobbyist General Artist
I have some ideas I'm not ready to expose in full yet.... As a hint, you need look no further for entertaining stories than the history of man. Especially the history not most often spoken of. Look up the intelligence exchange between nixon and the Chinese. That's a story. 
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I'm from Romania. Since the fall of the communist regime in 89, we hardly have a "comic book community". Digital comics are bridging that gap. You can order comics from the UK for example, but they end up costing with shipping 14-16 euros (about 20$) - for a 5 euro comic. So digital comics services like Marvel and Dark Horse offer is a welcomed service for people in my position, that way I can still support the artist and also not pay 5 times the price of the comic in the end. Ok, it's not the same as smelling that new printed comic book page - which I love, call me a geek :P - but it's still a good deal.

With respect,
J. from Romania.
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Praey1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Forget cake, Grandma's butterscotch pudding pie!
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KikyouNez-samaHobbyist General Artist
If you allopw me ... I will say that I love Anime/manga style which is kind of mine, buuuuuuut... NO BIG EYES! in that matter I prefer more realistic designs like "LAIN" or "ghost in the shell", I could add "gantz" but actually despite an awsome design I lost interest when an excellent plot comes into scenes which don't add much more than fanservice... 
Oooor the recent "btooom!!" which I love both plot and design... that one is very twisted!
My favorite was "Monster"... and also "Death Note"... I like stuffs with twisted ends... yuurei are my faves! I have a lot of influence of that! certainly I am trying others stuffs like more realism...
And there I stay... sorry for name some stuffs... I couldn't resist... I liked those ones! 
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Leo-KazisaskiHobbyist General Artist
I like anything with art~ ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING~ -professor Stein smile-
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FrogPointPrince Artisan Crafter
My heart will always lie with Superheroes; especially Marvel, but I don't discriminate against a good storyline! 
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publicinsomniacHobbyist Traditional Artist
AHA! I see what you did there, I'm on to you... No chance to vote for good old BOOKS. Novels, stories, and yes, sometimes even poems. Letters that form words that paint pictures in your mind instead of on paper or a flickering screen in front of you... these pictures are ACTUALLY INSIDE YOUR MIND!!! MOSTLY FORMED BY YOUR IMAGINATION!!! YOUR OWN BLOODY IMAGINATION FOR PETES SAKE!!!!!

so add my vote for books too, please.
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S-LionessStudent General Artist
Well I prefer semi-realistic comics style like the style drawn in Naruto manga but with digital coloring
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i couldnt really vote.i like all the above. even cake.
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I find the conventionnal comics have gone quite stale....story are lame, films are often dissapointing, more about who's gonna bare something, which is ok, but storyline are thin...explosion explosion explosion.....
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mw777Hobbyist General Artist
I put "gaming" since I actually played a game today, and sometimes do enter the alternate dimension that is Red Dead Redemption.
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ArwingPilot114Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, soo many options. 
(I didn't choose the Cake though... because it is a lie :D

Digital Comics are great, but it does kind of take away from the experience of having paper comics. 
However, these new "motion books" are really interesting to see too. :D I think they're pretty sweet! 
Paper comics are awesome, you can't beat having one of those, BUT I prefer something that isn't... JLA / Avengers themed. Guh. Some of them are alright but I'm just not feeling the vibe I used to get from reading them. I'm pretty much finished with buying Marvel or DC now. I've moved on to IDW, Image, and some other indie comic companies. :D 
I suppose my heart is with games  though above anything else. :3 Give me a game and I'll play it any day over reading (sorry! D:). Mesa loooooves Nintendo games. LoZ, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Mario, and Star Fox are all great classics. Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are really great games too that come from 3rd Parties. Some other "recent" console games that are fantastic: Bioshock, Fall Out series, Assassin's Creed series, Transformers (the New Moon games), Kingdom Hearts, Saints Row, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic, etc. etc. 

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ChenthooranProfessional Digital Artist
gaming is part evil I'm sure
it's really hard to resist all that false sense of achievement. It's even worse with guilds/clans, they pull you in so much deeper, now you have a responsibility to turn up.

I find I have a one track mind when it comes to work and entertainment. I've never been able to balance a lot of things into my day so I'm either all in or not touching it at all. Because of that I tend to work in cycles, I'm very driven to create art for a few months then I get caught up in a game for the next few months, then I'm repulsed by gaming so I'm back to arting and then the games become shiny again and so on. As I grow older I feel guiltier about gaming so I only really play the few games that I expect a lot from or if something's been recommended strongly enough.

my poison of choice most days is some kinda film or tv show, so long as it's in english and it's not too cerebral (or I've seen it before) I can leave it running in the background and still doodle. Sometimes my interest gets piqued and I end up watching it seriously but then that's a failed painting session.

as for comics, I've gone off standard super hero comics, once in a while I'll pick up something if the art is interesting (like anything by Jae Lee) but generally no more x men for me. as soon as i see that inevitable shot where all the characters are perfectly spaced striking a pose for no reason I can no long suspend my disbelief and I'm too caught up in how weird/ridiculous it would be to walk in on these guys. Like Wolverine's eternal hunch/ab crunch of the 90s (iirc)
nope mostly I like to read smaller mini series types, but I'm not sure if I should use the indie label for them. I picture indie as being 2 or even just 1 guy slowly working on his comic in his free time, having been turned away by all publishers. Last few things I read were:

Joe the Barbarian - really inspiring artwork and a great adventure story that made me feel like a little kid
American vampire - I only picked it up to get more of Sean Murphy's art, unfortunately he only contributed a few side issues and I ended up getting the main series
Luther Strode - hyper energetic cartoon violence, and the story is just weird enough to make you want to pick up the next issue to see wth is going on

The real question is what do you read Mr. Sharp?
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creepyfreak99Student Traditional Artist
All have awesom and horrible works!
... but I also like cake
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
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WadeFurlongProfessional Traditional Artist
I like cake.  Cake is good looking art.  Doesnt' have to be any of these, can be all of these.  I just like the good looking art(s).
So I voted cake.
Not really cake though.  I don't eat sweets.  
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
My fav answer so far. :-)
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WadeFurlongProfessional Traditional Artist
I know you and I have a lot in common with our art sensibilities.  :handshake:
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
I believe so! :-)
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