Wander of Warstar
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This is just such a brilliant example of what completely independent creators are doing with the Madefire tool (below). An amazing parallax cover with animated elements, and a space scene that uses the panorama tool in a completely unique way. I LOVE finding work like this out of the blue when I'm browsing deviantART. It's so exciting to see people having so much fun with the medium, and being able to publish it whenever they want. Take a moment to check it out. Really fun! Lovely stuff Fusciart!

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Wow! This MB has a classic Heavy Metal feel to it. I immediately think of Philippe Druillet and his Lone Sloane Delirius an Vuzz series. The approach is totally fresh and it's a joy to watch the story unfold. This MB looks GREAT on my Macbook and tablet.

I've been reticent to embrace the more animated MB's as I feel that too much animation may blur the line between comics and cartoons, but this is pure comics and succeeds in evoking mood and engagement.


But is it "Warstar" or "Wartstar"?
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FusciartProfessional General Artist
Thanks so much for the exposure Liam.  I'm truly honored. 
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DarkChroniclesComProfessional Digital Artist
Just an awesome piece of work!