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Pretty full-on few weeks!

New York comic con...

San Diego Comic Festival...

Then early start last Saturday am when I flew to LA to attend Stan Lee's Comikaze event...

On the flight the guy sitting in the isle seat next to Ben started reading Previews.
When we asked him if he was going to Comikaze (he wasn't) we said who we were and he turned out to be a fan of mine - his face was an absolute picture.

Meeting with Stan Lee in the green room for lunchtime photo opp to accompany the news that we're doing some work with the living legend was fantastic!

Later that day I was on 'the Death of Superman Lives' panel - which I did some concept art for - with Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne, introduced by Kevin Smith in a packed hall. Excellent fun!

The whole show was memorable for me in that it seemed like there was more people than usual - by quite an amount - who knew me, and my work.
Very humbling, and always unexpected.

Monday brought more big news, with Madefire going on the google TV.
Then I was in the deviantART offices for a meeting - Clive Barker's Books of Blood, illustrated by Sam Shearon, had hit 52,000 views, and going strong!

Yesterday morning I heard Madefire was been featured in a Windows TV ad.
Then, more deviantART goodness, and home.

So much to do, and never enough time!

Hoping I can find a moment for some more informative journals very soon!

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DerveniotisProfessional Artist
Keep the good news coming!
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CirpriusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow that's fantastic! Talk about being busy :D
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I think a LOT more people know your work than you think or get credit for.  I think most people saw it in Death's Head, Gears of War and your Hulk run.  You did one of the best Hulks out there, imho.   And Gears blew a lot of people away.  I just think most of them hadn't heard of you, which is hard to figure out because you did some epic stuff on some very popular books.    And grats on the Clive Barker books. 
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A Hectic, but good, weekend. Yay!
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All very impressive news, congrats, mate!
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mothbotProfessional Digital Artist
That's a whole lot of awesome!
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